Sunday, March 8, 2009

I wasgoing to say something, besides gonite, but that is it.

post-raphaelite sisterhood has posed an interesting question that needs some further response from me.

According to some we are not in a depression nor are we going to go into one like the 1930's.

And of course, I have managed to get off the topic of why I go to work but it is linked on my ability to go to work. Already, the school district I work for indirectly is saying they have a budget shortfall even though their budget has increased and the money they get from the state has increased, apparently not enough to stave off a shortfall. Where is that going to leave my job? It is all interconnected, the reasons I go to work and what the economy is doing. So.....

Since I tend to be wordy in my ability to address questions with short answers I am continuing my thoughts here on why I go to work.

When I was growing up I never understood the relationship my father had with work and how it he traded his time for a salary. He was a salaried worker and not hourly like some of us.

In my imagination growing up when I finally understood something about earning money, my thoughts that came from my idealism were that my tax dollars would be used to supply me with housing, medicine etc. The things that in a civilized society the people should be getting. I believe that still. I believe that our tax dollars should be used to better our society, not benefit those who want to profit from making weapons to sell to our government and attack those who don't believe the way we do. Of course, my idealism is quite the opposite of reality because our tax dollars seem to be being used to further the future of the big businesses that have caused much of the current turmoils in our society while pursuing that illusive big buck!

It is a shame that our direction seems to be determined by the 1% of our society that controls 90% of the wealth. It is preposterous to think that we keep pouring money into failing enterprises because they are just to big to fail, that we have over time given big business to be referred to as people and allowed huge regulatory misconduct and tax loop holes and given additional tax breaks.

Why do you think so many people see opportunities in coming to The United States of America? It is called "The Land of Opportunity" but maybe we should be called "The Land of Opportunists" in order to out the unscrupulous, to bring them out and put them under the microscope of scrutiny.

Mad, your damn right I'm mad as Hell! These people have run our country into the ground and keep coming back to be bailed out. The people who work for others have to take the brunt of the impact of the receding economy in layoffs and all that goes along with that. It is past time to see just have far we have not come from the days of feudalism.