Sunday, January 24, 2010

Well, twice now Blogger is not accepting my html tags

Has to be my execution. I am so inconsistent, not coming around etc. it doesn't really surprise me that much. I'm living in this basement and it I had a lot of low energy. My friends loaned me an air filtration system with Ionization and it has made a difference. I'm going to purchase a unit that has Ionization, UV, washable HEPA filter, charcoal filter and something else, plus it will filter more air, enough for 500 square feet as opposed to the 100 square foot unit I am using now. I spent the whole day hanging my TV set from my ceiling with chains. Not as low as I had planned on, actually 1 inch higher than when it was sitting on my roll away tool box. I'm considering constructing another shelf with two pieces of 1/2 inch plywood like the first one I constructed for the TV that it is sitting on. Since it is already hanging, I will be able to concentrate on other matters. The 1 inch sheet I glued and screwed together is pretty nice and certainly strong enough to hold the TV. The load is distributed of course by the four suspension points. I built it strong because I don't want the TV to come crashing down for any reason. It is more likely that I will leave it up high as opposed to constructing another strong shelf. I will hang another shelf to hold the stereo receiver and am working on some shelves for the small speakers I have. I am going to put eye bolts in the speaker shelves and strap them down so they don't jump to the floor for some reason. I am planning on staying here for about 3-5 years at which time I will purchase a class B motor home in which I plan on living as long as I am capable of driving. I sure hope I keep my faculties long enough to drive across the country a few times. I'm turning 60 on the 31st and still find it hard to believe I have lived this long. What is it about us baby boomers? Did we think we would stay babies all our lives? It sure has taken me a long time to mature. I am finally realizing I am maturing, but still have a lot of mirth left. One week left and then the new decade. I may look older, but that is just the outside. The inside is a mixture of youth and age. Wow, it is amazing to me still!