Saturday, January 10, 2009

still TMI

There is still TMI to learn to dress up my blogger page. I remember some of how I learned to do things before at js. I used to go to some forums and see how others did things and then just start doing those some things, unless of course, it was TMI.

It's not that it is TMI, but that I can't organize. My brain, the wiring is messed up. I did just make my posting adult content, meaning that I am an adult and just might slip out of popular context and use some four letter word or post something equally distasteful without thinking first. I might just have a typo that looks like something rude or obscene and I need to CYA.

The Stuggles

My life is a constant struggle. I put that in an ad I posted on a free dating service and a woman responded, what do you struggle with?

Of course, I never heard from her again. I quit that dating site because I am not ready to date. I'm still struggling along trying to make ends meet.

That doesn't mean I am not going to color my grey beard this week because I don't have the money. It means I am not going to do it even though I want to because I have to spread $100 for two weeks of food and fuel, don't even consider an emergency!

I am really starting to feel my age, 59 at the end of the month, that's the 31st of Jan. not the 29th or the 30th, the 31st is the day.

I'm going to have my weekly socialization with my neighbor. We are going shopping. He & I do it every week, sometimes twice.

We talked on the phone and talked about money and I said I had little, he said he hasn't been paid and I said, but you have a wife who you share with. Look at me, I have a dog and a cat, they don't share anything with me except love, which is very important, but it doesn't pay for their food.

Don't get me wrong here. I continue to be very grateful for my life and continue to put my best foot forward. I continue to survive and considering what I put myself through as a young man it is a miracle that I have lived this long and will continue as long as I can. :-)

Friday, January 9, 2009

If You Are Not Completely Outraged, Your Not Paying Attention!

This is completely documented shooting of a young man at Fruitvale Bart Station. I used to frequent this station to ride the trains to SF and other areas.

The video is uncut and quite shocking pretty clearly showing a Bart Police Officer helping to search the man with other officers drawing his gun and shooting the man who is laying face down in the back.

The man died. There is OUTRAGE in the community. This is not the City of Oakland Police, but the Bart Police who seem to have no one to call them to the carpet since they operate on all Bart property in many cities. I've written about them before since they seem to be accountable to no one.

Oh, this is f'd Up. Google or Blogger won't let me link the murder that you will have to find on your own at you tube under the name of Oscar Grant Murder By a Bart Cop.

They are not letting me link to it. My html is all ok. I tried it with CBS copyrighted material and got error messages, hence you tube where you can get and share everything.

I guess Blogger doesn't want to let people show murder on their websites. Thank goodness they don't own You Tube! Of course, I could be absolutely wrong and my html could be off, except I have tried it several times to make sure I didn't error, but it won't let me apparently.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

OH, it was a good idea earlier......

the hot cocoa, different than hot chocolate. Often the two are confused, but I got my head around it the when I was looking for some Mexican hot chocolate with Jalapeno Peppers.

So, cocoa is that powder, something like Herseys that used to come in a brown paper can with metal bottom and metal top with an oval opening replaceable metal lid that one would pry open with a spoon.

I buy my cocoa bulk at an herb/vegetable store. A lot cheaper that way and I think the quality is probably better.

So I mix my cocoa with milk and a sweetener such as evaporated cane juice or honey. Heat it all up on the stove and pour it intomy big mug. mmmm. I did that today about lunch time. To much. Now I don't feel like sleeping, but will use self hypnosis to go to another level.

I read that hot chocolate is the cocoa powder, milk, sweetener and whole chocolate that is melted in the pan along with the other ingredients. That sounds yummy. Maybe I will experiment with it once on a weekend and then save it for a special occasion.

The thing about the hot cocoa is that I know it gives me a kick, caffeine kick and I have some very uncomfortable pain.

It is an old habit to medicate pain with caffeine especially when the acetametaphen is not working well.

I took a flying tumble inthe kitchen the other day, slipped on some water that my dog lapped up out of his bowl and ended up on the flow, even though I have made great efforts to keep it from getting there. I walked into the kitchen, stepped bare foot into the water and found myself flopping like a hooked fish onto the kitchen floor onto my already inflamed left rotator cup, the one that never healed back there in 2000.

That's it, why I am still wired up from that delicious hot cocoa.

So, 14 days and counting..... down....

So, here's the question. How many people is GW Bush going to pardon on his last day as president, with a lower case p?

His dear old Pa pardoned I think 74 people.

Bill Clinton pardoned on his last day 140 people with 36 commutations. Of course he did pardon a lot more people on Dec. 22, 2000.

But I'm talking about Jan. 20th or is the 19th the last day? In which case he would have 13 days left to grant pardons to all his water boarding friends?

This is the question I am going to pose to my high schoolers that I drive in my big yellow bus. The winner will get a $5 Peet's card for coffee or whatever they can get for that miserly amount.

Of course with the HS's, they will likely be giddy about the thoughts of it all and have trouble remembering the instructions. 1 one answer only, 2 first name and last initial only, 3 do I have to turn it in today? 4, do I have to use a pen or a pencil 5 do you have a pencil I can borrow? The list goes on. I expect some guesses here too.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

More than the truth, The Dick speaks to Bob Shieffer on Face The Nation

Bob asked Dick what he thought the new administration would have to deal with right away and The Dick said almost quoting him, but not quite. The difficulties with the financial market that have developed in the last 6 months.

Now what I want to know is. Does The Dick think that the current crisis only developed in the last 6 months and that all those corporate tax breaks his bosses administration has been passing to the very people that are saying we're going to tank unless you give us some dough hasn't had anything to do with how the markets have turned out?

Thank goodness those jokers are leaving and some new jokers are taking their place. I hope the new ones don't live up to the old ones by all standards except the standards of the vacating group.

It is what I hate most about politics. And we have had this mentality for nearly 8 years. Like a 2 year old child who says, "I'm not listening, I'm going to do it my way!"

Hope is in the air and here is another kick my booty tune staring Jeff Beck

Decided to Lay Low........

Yes, procrastinating instead of laundry. Since i have got a late start on that, I decided to defer it for another day. Deferments are a well known tactic used by those in the upper 1% of the income brackets to not pay their taxes according to one of those articles I read in Mother Jones Magazine.

On page 33 of said magazine there is an interesting side bar showing the 3.4 Trillion dollars of bail out money, {our tax money} that has been given to the financial institutions of our great nation. Oh, you might say, but it was only $700 million, not $3.4 Trillion! Well, according to Nomi Prins the real figure as of 11/21/08 is the Trillion dollar figure.

The whole truth is coming out. What we hear on the nightly news is just scratching the surfaced of all this.

If you would like to leav3e all of this behind a few minutes, come check out Jeff Beck. I have rediscovered a lot of music on You Tube. Wow, thanks neighbor for keeping your wireless on so I can tap into it:-)

Wow, the discovery of the lost community is growing.

Like many of you, I too am a js castaway.

Of course, I am a little more challenged to spice up my blog page. Everything takes me much longer and that is OK.

I just took a nice hot bath and am now going to attempt getting to the laundry mat. I start working again, actually today, a charter.

The charter may or may not happen since it is just a shuttle bus from an overflow parking lot to the Portland Zoo. It has been predicted that rain will be coming this afternoon which really puts a damper on the number of Zoo patrons. I report at 1545. That means leave here at 1515, get to dispatch, get my paper work or not, but regardless, I will be paid 2 hours. That's a little more than I would make not taking the job.

So far I have only turned down 2 jobs while working at this company, which is a good record. The head dispatcher made a note of that to me back in Nov. 08. That's just it, I need the work, would rather it all took place for the same company.

Got to go now.....

I've been taking a bath, besides the financial bath, reading the latest......

Mother Jones Magazine.

If you are unfamiliar with Mother Jones, I urge you to google it or let's see if I can link to it.

In the current issue is a summary of detailing our economy, what has taken us to this point and ideas about how to get to a healthy sustaining economy.

I know, everybody is NOW coming out of the woodwork to point out our wrongs and suggesting fixes for them. David Cay Johnston who writes the article Fiscal Therapy is just one voice in thousands who has a plan.

The point is get the magazine, pay the $5.95 at the news stand or find it on the web. We need ammunition because there are still those folks in government who want to keep the tax structure like it is, making the Bush tax cuts permanent etc.

This article and the following articles in The Jan.-Feb Mother Jones are just a small batch of facts we need to continue our push to a better economy, where were are all treated as equals, not the way it has been for 30 or 40 years.

These economy issues are not a Democrat/Republican issue as some corporations would like us to believe, but a people verses corporations {which are now considered people in the eyes of the law} issues. I still don't consider corporations people in the eyes of humanity!

So that's my Pitch! Go out and get a mother Jones Magazine for Jan.-Feb. 2009 and read it and start or continue to put pressure on our elected representatives for change.

Financial planners worried about their financial future

Well, welcome to my world! They should be worried, the rest of us have been in the dumps for years as wall street friends have been whittling away at the working class and inflating their own importance beyond reason. Why shouldn't they now be in the dregs of society where we all have been living for so long?

By golly, such folly to think that one is immune when most of us have been slashed over and over. We are the base and if you take away from the base, there is no foundation left to support the ivory tower.

They think we are fools, but who are the real fools? The denial system eventually breaks down and then what are you left with?

It is said if you make your bed you must sleep in it. Well, there you go! Have a good fitful nights sleep.

Oh and the Dick is on Face the Nation this morning running his misleading information campaign as though we still believe. What a jerk!