Sunday, May 22, 2011

a lot of drips under the bridge since last post

Well, it is all fluid. Been precipitating a lot here in the Pacific Northwest. It seems we have finally broken the cycle of all that and had some warmer dryer weather. I have been busy, to busy with my real world life and not really writing enough for myself. I have been busy with a group of other school bus drivers and looking up, down, across and throughout the web at info that is related to my working under a collective bargaining agreement. I have also applied finally for other work as summer is nearly here and school will be out soon which is the end of my lucrative contract as a contract school bus driver. My cynic is alive and well.

I have applied to the regional transit agency. No word yet since the posting does not expire until the 25th of May. I hope I get into the interview this time. Sometimes it seems I miss important parts of applications on line. I thoroughly went through the application this time checking for omission. Kind of like DEQ which is looking for emissions. I know, sometimes my writing is nonsensical, which may not be a word, but spell check didn't underline it.

Whimsical, I am certainly not musical, although that reminds me, I would like to go see Steve Earle at the Crystal Ballroom soon. I have to check into tickets. I will have to see it I can afford it. I don't imagine going with anyone else. I hate crowds unless I am with someone, so we'll see if I actually purchase a ticket or what. A lot of drips I have missed and I even have this page bookmarked on my bookmarks bar, but that is just how distracted I really am.