Thursday, March 9, 2017

Time might be moving to fast, slow down!

Last post was over a year and a quarter ago. Not a good sign. Just got home from work, still drving a school bus. It is just not a good job, toxic would get a good description. The kids on my middle school route want me gone. I have a new strategy with them, keep my bill hat on and only glance at them once in awhile, because when they can't see my face in the mirror that is mounted above my head, they can't tell if they are annoying me and have mostly quiet. Of course, we have a new seating arrangement and it is a process to complete.

Of course it took a lot of time to get two students removed from my bus, but finally they really hung themselves by leading chants about S E X ! What's that spell most of the back of the bus screaming out SEX! Then they did the R A P E one and that was over the top. When I wrote the referral, the Vice Principal. Chuckled about the SEX part, but when he got to the RAPE part he was completely shocked! This is what I had been telling him and his advice had been pick your battles, build relationships and they are just being normal middle schoolers.

Those two are gone, now it is I Fucked your mother. I got the VP's attention again and he said he would talk to the parents and fhe kids. One of the kids apparently snitched off the other kid. I couldn't get them to do it. The one kid said he had a new system for riding the bus. I take that to mean an agreement to not use profane language. However today, I threatened him with a referral before we even left the school! I later retracted that because I am picking my battles! This is the worst job I have ever had, but the money is the best I can get.

I am planning on retiring after my truck is finished next year. That is what I am working towards. I still haven't decided if I will keep my car. I should find some VW bus guy who wants the engine and traby perhaps. Or just seen the whole thing and get they block head Harley clone or whatever V-Twin winds my watch.

One last thing.  A short. Bus driver today hit and knocked down a pedestrian on a street today. I don't know the details nor do I know if I will ever find out, but the pedestrian was not getting up and the driver couldn't even call it in, another driver did it. I could tell the driver was devastated. If I hurt someone while driving, I would be lost for awhile. It is heart wrenching to have known someone who died by the wheels of a truck. To think I could driver after that, would just suck! I will find out more details as I investigate. One thing for sure the driver will lose his job. That's just the way it is.