Saturday, March 7, 2009

Other shots. They may be repeats....

Buster up to his elbows.

Buster up to his shoulders in 4 inches snow.

Looking into the Valley from Forest Heights.

Yesterday at SW Taylor and SW 17th Ave. a car not making a complete stop

Yes, people seem to be somewhat disconnected from the driving experience. While I made a complete stop, first looking left, then right, then in both my mirrors towards the back and sides and then left again and halfway into the intersection at SW 17th Ave. heading South towards SW Salmon a car heading West on SW Taylor decided to make a jab a go stop, which really isn't a stop. I saw the car and prepared for the hit by aggressively applying my brakes, so much so that my students all exclaimed in surprise, "Joe, what the heck are you doing?" I responded, sorry, a car driver decided not to stop at the stop sign and I was preparing for the hit. It didn't come. The driver apparently saw my big yellow school bus right in front of them and put on the brakes. That car would have dove under my bus and been lodged there like a piece of cheese on a cracker under the grip of my teeth biting down on it.

Since they stopped and I asked if everybody was OK, looking at the same time in the student mirror we then proceeded to the school.

A moment later we pulled up at the school zone stop and I let them all out. See many of you later at 3:15pm when I come back to take you all back to the hills.

Before collapsing it may have looked like this....


I really like clouds and here are some....


It is kind of hard to tell in the photo but these are reverse convection clouds. What is left aftter a thunder head expends almost all of it's energy. The cauliflower like vapors that shoot up in a thunder head and expand upward are now expanding downward. There clouds are called Mammatus Clouds.

if you google Mammatus Clouds you will find more defined examples of them. Of course, my fascination with clouds drives my curiosity, sense of adventure and awe with nature.

Seems I left my cell in my bus. Only phone I have, I have to go fetch it!

My bus on the left.


This is how it looks from my drivers seat. I am told the cross over mirrors will hit first, but I never get that close. We all are encouraged to park this close at the school so that children will not be tempted to walk between the buses for obvious reasons.


You know what they say about pictures, something like a picture is a reflection of ....

There must be many sayings about pictures. My mind is drained now so, pictures it is.....

Another shot looking South, Southwest from my bus route in NW Hills.


I told my friend Wendy in Stinson Beach about my phony Mr. Bill

The result was she sent me this Mr. Bill for my birthday in Jan. who likes to hang around in my bus. It is to his liking since he is in the entertainment business.


Downtown Portland with the Real Mr. Bill


more pictures

Looking North West from NW Cornell Road near Upper McClay Park. Oh, those dots, snow flakes on 03-02-2009


Pizza Wars!


Can you deliver two of those pizza's? We are dining at the Dumpster cafe!


My life, a medley of moments.....

Z, Just when I think I might be getting as clue, my thoughts and feelings do a 180 degree turn and I am in another zone.


Finally, publishing my photos after attempting to change the links in my photo bucket album.

Here is a shot looking Southwest into the in the Forest Heights neighborhood which is part of my bus route, NW Hills.

I'm reflecting on every moment, did you know?

I've not been able to post for days, maybe weeks. I've lost track of the necessity to post. I've been working over 40 hours a week and the variety of the work has taken a toll on me.

My situation at home has changed. I've submitted my 30 day notice to quit my apartment and received a list of what is required by the property management company for me to get my deposit back in regards to cleaning my place. I will manage it, because I need the money and it is just cleaning. I'm really good at cleaning sometimes. I'll be really good at this, because it benefits me and I will see results for my actions.

I have been looking for a new place to live and met a man yesterday, from CA who is living up here in North Portland, leasing a house that he is renting out the bedrooms for much less than I am paying for this apartment. I'm hoping that he will find me to be the most likely candidate to rent to.

It is rather a leap of faith to quit ones residence without having a place to move to. I have to remember that with every closing of a door a new one unlocks. All I have to do is approach it and turn the knob, open it and walk in. Behold the wonders beyond the door!

I have been just surviving and I want to go beyond that, want to thrive as Kaiser Health suggests we do by becoming a member for just $1500.o0 a month or whatever amount I can't afford is. It's less through my union.

I'm on Jackson Browne's website and a medley of songs is playing. That's all I need sometimes to remind me of my past life, my ideals.

Well, it is not taking my html link again. Maybe it is because I can't put it in one line. I don't know, but if you want to listen to Jackson, just google him and you will hear what I am hearing.