Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's still a Roller Coaster Ride!

My life is still a roller coaster ride. It has its ups and downs. I'm going up again, finding that hope that fuels my will to go on. Even when I write about my lows I suspect I will be OK. I have been trying to plow the same path because it is comfortable, resist getting out of the groove, but know that if I don't stretch beyond the pain, I will shrivel up.

I am checking into the community college. I'm specifically looking into the career counseling section, want to be evaluated, tell them what I have, where I've been and hope to find out where I am going. It is up to me to make my situation better. Duh!

I know these things, yet, still stumble to head in the right direction.

Life is an adventure and I have once again been making up some ground. It's that old 2 steps forward, 1 step back situation. Why should I think it is any different for me?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Looked at RV yesterday....

Went down the road to Gervais Oregon and looked at 1970 Blue Bird Wander Lodge. It was rough and attractive all at once. I took only one picture which I will post later.

1970 Wander Lodge with rear engine. Prototype with rear engine and airbag springs. 9 of type made, engine came gas, converted to diesel shortly after purchase.

I crawled over and under it for about 30 minutes. Of course I have no funds to purchase it, but would not have if I did have them. Condition was just to rough. The wiring had been worked over and it was done badly. That was enough to put a stop to it. There was more. It was ready for a complete overhaul.

I am now not sure what I am thinking, since I have no means to purchase something like this anyway and unless I win the lottery, which I have little money to play with, I guess I will just keep on continuing to slowly sink below the surface of the pool until I can no longer float.

It is floating and I have never been so poor except when I was living on the street and even then I could see more chances at survival than I seem to see now.

There is one factore though that I am encouraged by and that is we have new President Barack Hussein Obama. That overshadows all the above I have written. The sun is shining on us Now!

Monday, January 19, 2009

The dog show.....

Drove the bus yesterday for the dog show. Around and around from the over flow parking lot to the Expo Center and back, about a 15 minute trip with a waiting period to pick up passengers at one end or the other.

I'm not turning down work, can 't afford it. 7 hours of that, was scheduled for 8 hours, but thankfully the last over flow parker left at 1915 allowing me the drive back to the yard.

I'm headed for Keizer, Oregon this morning. Keizer is on the way to Salem. I'm going to look at a Blue Bird RV, a really old one. I will take pictures. It is my first opportunity to look at an example of what I am hoping to purchase in the near future. Not likely this one, but who knows. Now with my experience of buses I am better prepared to examine these big machines with some familiarity.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

One thing leads to another.....

Whoa, there, hold up......

And it does. I just got done writing to much, so I copied and pasted it into my hard drive, where I do my other writing.

I have some questions.

Have any of you noticed how Barack Obama's hair has already gone grey? Was he dying it on the campaign trail to look young? Or has the shock of being elected caused him to grey? Or is that really gray?

One of my favorite quotes comes from Albert Einstein "The important thing is never to stop questioning."

Questions open more doors that not questioning. If we stop questioning and assume something to be true, what are we really doing?