Monday, January 9, 2012

Yesterday was a recovering, relax day. Today is a get mobile day.

Today I am going to take a hot epsom salt bath, eat a bagel with toffutti on it and after that likely get out and about, perhaps ride the bus.

Hot water bath. I look forward to spring, when the roads are once again clear so that my friend and I can drive up to Bagby Hot Springs, take a little hike and then soak in that good mineral water.

What adventures await us with the ever lengthening days? There are going to be many. There is also hard work ahead. I am currently involved with two working groups, two unions. The first union is a solidarity and organizing union, The IWW. When people think of the IWW they think of the labor struggles back in the 1930's but have little info that the IWW is alive and growing once again. The other union I am involved with is the one representing me as a school bus driver, The ATU757. It is a business union and is in my opinion stuck, spinning it's wheels, not understanding what needs to change in order to get members involved. It has not evolved into a strong group of workers because it is almost like a business, collecting dues from us and passing out information as a small group of officers decides is the path they want to take.

I have more faith in the IWW because of the way we do organizing. The members I am involved with are all leaders and we are democratic in all of our processes. In Portland, the IWW is quite strong and growing. Look for our world convention in Aug. 2012. When we host this convention there will be a lot of energy and focused business being decided upon democratically. I intend to be right in the thick of the involvement. It is an awesome process that will be a great learning experience for all those who are touched by it.

Enough for now. Life is calling, the hot bath, the cell phone, my auto mechanic, a ride on the bus. It is all tugging at me for attention.