Saturday, January 2, 2010

The move is done!

Just in time for the New Year I'm done moving in, now all I have to do is sort through all my junk and down size. I took my remaining CD's to sell the other day and got a measley $15.50 for 90 discs. I was appalled since I was able to get $1-3 a couple of years ago. Wow, should have sold everything then. There is always a reason for circumstances in life and some of them are brought about by our choices! I'm thrilled to be in the new space, my body is getting older, will be 60 in 29 days, my mind is struggling to age, keeps thinking I can move for 3 days and not have to pay the price. I keep saying that I will post pictures but that time has to wait yet again since I am not organized. I am now living in the basement of a house that a younger single father owns. He has his 3 year old daughter part time and is a really nice genuine guy, no hidden agenda's that fooled me the last house mate situation I just moved out of. I'm hoping on 3-5 years in this space. It has the potential and life seems more balanced than the most recent past. I would write about that illusionary situation I was living in, except it is to negative and I have to keep pushing myself out of this chair and forward. I missed it, so Happy New Year to all. I will be getting back here more at least that is my intent. Hold me to it! jjc