Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It has been longer than I intended, but that's life

Lot's has happened since I posted last. I went on a road trip, took my cat Jerky and she liked it. she road up front in the passenger seat occasionally getting up to put her front paws on the window sill to look at the passing scenery. I let her out at the destination in Sacramento CA where we intentionally ended up to visit with a woman that I once knew and am getting to know very well again. We were there for a week. I had couple of medical emergencies concerning my prostate gland blocking the urine from exiting my bladder and the result is me following that up with a visit to the doctor. Urinary doctors. It was difficult to get an appointment,not having a primary care physician. I am hoping I can get the follow up care and medication to keep my prostate from shutting off my urine again, since I am wearing a catheter. It is somewhat uncomfortable and the second I had installed on my trip kind of putting a big dent in the good things that happened, the reason for the whole trip. To many people have access to this blog now and I have to keep most of my business to myself. I of course, linked it to my face book page and I am diverting my writing energies to nothing on line.

There is something I want to comment on today about my driving job. I take a different route home to get to NW 24 AVE. from NW Lovejoy down NW 25 to NW Northrup and left on NW 24th because the turn at NW 24th from Lovejoy is tight and there is to much traffic. When I come down Northrup there is a fire hydrant on the opposite corner that I turn into making a left and that allows me space the turn. Today there was a truck parked there making my turn uncomfortable along with a guy talking on a cell phone wanting to take my right of way, I have no stop sign and he has one. He was on my right. Then a car shows up on the left stopping in the cross walk that is not painted on the ground effectively taking my right of way. So both of these vehicles took my right of way and forced me to give it to them. It happens all the time in the bus, people just think that because we are a bus, they don't want to be behind us for any reason. It is frustrating and then there was the illegal park. If that wasn't there I would have just made the turn, but instead let all them first, but not without honking my horn to express my displeasure. I am working on an article I want to publish in the local press tell about my job from my stand point because there are so many times that people take advantage of school bus operators not realizingt whom we are often carrying!