Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This has been a very different than usual day

I did little most of the morning. First of all, I stayed in bed until 0550 and got up shortly after 0600. My normal day during the week starts at 0430. I did little until I called my friend after taking a shower this morning by about 1000 and got dressed. We grocery shopping about 1200 and were done with that by 1300. I had a large mid afternoon lunch dinner at about 1500 hours. I did figure out what and how I was going to approach Blogger and Face Book and deleted some FB "friends". I will likely continue to whittle away at that. One person whom I haven't had any contact with for more than 10 years contacted me for friendship and I wrote back Why? in the subject line of the message I sent and then said something to the affect of "I've become quite anti-social, tell me why we should be friends on FB". The response was short and possibly misunderstood. She said I thought you were somebody else, obviously I was wrong, good luck or sorry or some other thing. I just wanted an explanation as to why a person would want to hook up on FB that I had no contact with for 10+ years. Apparently, asking for an explanation was to much for that person. At least that's the way I see it. Of course, I do see things in a different light, such as the lens of the land fill.

Thanks Goodness, I'm not the only confused person in the world!

Wow! Someone was really confused when they decided on the heating in this house. I'd never run across this type of heating in all my life's experience's. It is radiating from the ceiling. That's right, radiant heat from the ceiling! The thought occurred to me that someone was confused when they installed it. That someone misunderstood the instructions and instead of putting it in the floor, put it on the ceiling. That is not the case. I talked to a friend, an electrician who told me that this type of heating idea came out in those mixed up days of the 1970's. So, we have radiant heat from the ceiling which goes against the very nature of what heat does. It rises when produced, it goes up! I have now turned on my fan at low power, pointed it at an upward angle, hoping to blow the heat hugging my ceiling down little more and against the wall and down towards the flow. So far the air on the floor is moving, but is still relatively cool. I think ceiling fan would be the best I could do. This heat system is installed in each bedroom and in the kitchen and living room. The living room unit doesn't work. I purchased a space heater for that room and the house mate moving out doesn't have the same understanding of what the function of a space heater is since I came home twice and found it blasting away on full power, highest thermostat setting and he wasn't even in the room! This was the final straw that contributed to my telling his sister I was looking for a place to live. He has little understanding of what the costs of everything are since his sister handles all his finances.

another update.

Oh, I moved in Portland from my apartment single person dwelling into a house with others further outward towards the East, about 70 block numbers. It is a big change to go from living alone to living with others, especially people who are complete strangers. I wrote plenty about them on my Face book account, a mistake for sure. One of them had a melt down in Aug. and is now no longer even coming by for anything. I think he is perhaps a narcissist. There was nothing one could do that didn't provoke a negative response from him. Bye, Bye! Now the other is the brother of the land lord, but alas he has been asked to move as well. He is disabled and likes being a patient, hence his attention is very limited to sports, all about TV and his various maladies. My feeling was that he was playing the disabled pain card every time a chore was required by him. He has selective chore process. He can't do anything below his knees but sweep and even sweeping causes to much pain. He is unable for instance to do any cleaning in the bathroom it seems, which puts undue responsibility on me. He is not able to perform anything in the kitchen either and he can not do very much outside. He struggles with those tasks all mostly when there is someone around who will notice. He does go out and to places, gets up early 0600 on Sat. and Sun. to attend some 12 step meetings South of Portland which he walks and rides the bus to. He is leaving. Now I am looking for two new house mates. Wow and my rent has remained the same. I am actually looking for another place to live and that is what instigated my land lord to ask her brother to move. I am taking my time to find the right situation, perhaps a house with a large or small separate room, a garage or shop and perhaps a front porch with large shade trees in the yard. This place is small, with large yards, no shade trees, no house mates, and no garage or shop. I have projects and a couple of tool boxes that don't need to live in my bedroom!

I continue to think to seriously

I was thinking about our life's experiences and how some of them we don't share openly with all because they are not experiences that others have had and we could alienate them when others hear them. I understand that, yet as a fighter against the walls we put around ourselves question the wisdom of not being open. If you can't relate, just say so. I'm not talking about degrading others, just some experiences. Of course, I know I can't reveal somethings. There are many who would condemn me today for actions of the past that I have made amends for, yet some would not be able to accept. Then there is the corp. I work for. I can't trust that they aren't data mining the web, looking for anything to hold against me, that would shine a light against my ability to perform my tasks.

I'm still confused about what I intend to do with this sight!

However, onward. I need it for blowing off frustration, I'm thinking. I am trying to concentrate on some serious writing on my computer alone, works which I intend to finish and submit to someone for publishing in some form. I need a feeling of completion and accomplishment. On this note, I just need to vent and Face Book is not providing that for me, so I am back to this.

So, today I want to thank all the Veterans who have and are presently serving our country! Thank You All!

Since I drive a school bus and it is a school holiday, I am off. It is rainy outside and sitting at home is one of my options, working on a couple of petitions I am submitting to my union about some contract language and safety issues in our yard.

I allowed for a minute a union rep to be my FB friend and realized that was a mistake, because she revealed something of what she thought of my rambling frustration posts. I deleted her as a FB friend. She has a bigger mouth than me. At least I have an understanding of discretion. So, another friend whom I have never met and I had a conversation this weekend. She reminded me that this website is an important tool. It allows me to post my rambling and I don't have to reveal myself to people I work with, because I am much more socially detached than I have lead them to believe. I am still in touch with the anger of my youth. It is hard to believe that my level of acceptance is not really understood my working peers.