Friday, January 30, 2009

Just add some cars with people who......

Blurry from the bus.

NW 53RD AVE Portland Oregon

The traction was good for a heavy bus. And we have what are called on-spot chains which we deploy with the flip of a switch. They circulate under the rear inboard duals and help to increase our traction.

And in case you are wondering about my being safe, taking pictures. It's a touchy subject. The company I work for would probably tell me not to. There is not much speed involved in these pictures, but they would say, it doesn't take much.

Let's just put it this way. I haven't had any accidents, yet. You see, there will be a point in time that an accident will occur. The question is, Will it be my doing, or someone else's? That's why I carry a camera with me. The snow from my perspective has to be recorded!

I try to keep my promises and here come the pictures.....

I got my photos uploaded to Photo Bucket, my new account, since I can't access my old account since my email changed. That's another issue, not necessarily for this entry.

Day off today, no school, but here are the photos of the interesting day we had a little snow and some of the people who thought they knew what they were getting into, but were surprise by their slow learning curve!

surprise guest!

Like this, some of the shots are blurry and I really wasn't supposed to be shooting pictures, but I just had to record some of the amusing sights I see on my bus route.

recovery is not the same to all!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Busy., Busy, Busy

Between driving and fueling buses and looking up the fire codes for propane fueling etc. I just don't have much time to get on the computer. I will have time though on Friday, no work for us, teachers planning day, everyone else off, no school.

I have some interesting shots of the snow along my bus route in the hills, cars, SUV's, vans, idiots! Geez, 4 hours of snow, about 1 inch and some ice, just add people who don't seem to learn from experience and instant idiots!

Monday, January 26, 2009

I was spiraling downward yesterday afternoon.....

It is always something. I got up pretty early to fresh snow on the ground, didn't even take any pictures. Took Buster for a walk and got right onto the laundry. Did, went to the bread store, 3 loves of multigrain bread for $5 and with my senior discount on Sundays and Wed's. $4.50. No high fructose corn syrup and only good ingredients baked right here is Portland. I mistakenly bought sweet rolls, the kind that are loaded with sugar and ate all of them when I got home. I was out of it after that. I think that white sugar must drive me to depression.

I'm up early this morning to drink coffee, walk and feed Buster and be at work by 0600. During the week my structure comes back and I am fulfilling my purpose, at least the part of it that earns my living and I driving a big yellow bus does contribute in a positive aspect to society.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

still don't have an official signature

I usually just scribble something. Someone asked me at work if I thought I was a doctor and I said no just lazy. Now, I'm opening a credit union account and trying to think what I want to use. I'm thinking, well never mind. My problem is that my name has 2 J's and 2 F's and those are the worst letters I could ever have to write long hand with. I have never been able to sit down and get them right, ever even when practicing them, my ADD takes over and I can't make the motions that make smooth consistent j's and f's.

So, I'm thinking of something really simple.

I just got out of the bath because it barely helped me..

I don't know what just happened there, a couple of double strike keys and published unintentionally. I dragged it back here.

I'm grateful for my dog Buster. Without him I would have exploded beyond repair.

The reason I couldn't stay in the bath is because I discovered I am still angry beyond the edge of sanity.

It is the anger that I began feeling after being frustrated by my attempts to communicate when I was young, when people would ask me what was wrong and I couldn't put words together to explain what I felt and when I finally did respond to a question I was told by adults my feelings or thoughts were not valid. It is still there, my inability to organize my thoughts and I suspect because of my frustration I am still angry that I can't put 2 and 2 together and get 4. Actually, I'm pretty good with numbers did well in a program called SMSG when I was in about 5th grade. I don't know what happened after that. Learning was fun then, I got it.

To keep you from thinking I am going over the edge of sanity I will tell you that I have decided to organize my thoughts with IOU'S.

Identify Organize Understand and Simplify.

Everything that I do or think has to be listed under these words and not necessarily in that order, except that is the way I am remembering it. For about 2 weeks I have been thinking about IOU and the 2 good things that came from my bath are I am clean and the S.

My head is full of confusion and chaos all my waking hours, except on rare moments when I get some clarity. Clarity falls under Understand and Simplify.

I love to go to sleep because I rarely remember my dreams. I have them, but go to a place in my brain that I don't see or know. Only sometimes.

Ever since I was about 16 I have brought paper or a book or something to write on, am compelled to write because one I have a thought I can rarely recollect it. Some of my thoughts I just think that by writing them down, they will go away, stop adding to my confusion, but that thought is flawed.

Finally, the question of my posts being adult oriented. I just thought that might be fun to include, cause you to maybe expect something that is not necessarily going to be here. To me it was a joke. I'd rather have a button that said, children's content, click if you are young enough.

It is that child inside that has always been looking for some approval because my eyes see others as adults and my heart feels me as child.

3 things that I've got to get out!

1. I'm looking at my blog page and the upper right corner says, "sign in" I clicked on it and it too me to my home page.

2. If only I could learn to spell. Actually, my missed keys are rather humorous to me such as stuggles instead of struggles.

3. I got my heating bill for last month, $120.00 That was for leaving my heater on to 64 degrees so the cat would get cold. I'm now turning it down. I'm considering the offer by the electric company to average my bill where I can pay the same high cost in summer that I pay in winter so that I don't feel I am getting an excessive bill.

The next items are optional. I feel that I didn't leave myself enough space to vent all my thoughts for today.

It snowed last night, but the temp is up and it is melting. The weather people say is a high pressure area moving in off the coast which will keep the jet stream away, the skies clear and the air cold for the coming week.

I did laundry this morning and have yet to shower, but I ate breakfast, sweet rolls, a Sunday treat that I regret. The great thing is I used to live on these things, now I can't really stand them.

I'm going to put a picture of the RV in this that I looked at on Monday the 19th.

My neighbor just put an ugly piece of furniture into the dumpster. It was oak veneer over particle board. She might be moving. She suggested she might be doing that, moving to Las Vegas where her boy friend lives.

Let's see if I can insert that picture. The bus looks good from the outside, but after crawling around under it and looking at the inside I determined that I would need a lot more money and time and a big barn to work on it before being able to take it anywhere like around the states. As I said, I don't have the funds for anything at the moment. 1970 Wander Lodge in Oregon