Sunday, November 29, 2015

Where we landed in the future

We are in the future having traveled here from the past. We have lived or survived to be here now. Often being in the present is so sought after by others, but I am here now having attatined my position since the last entry. Why do I care? Why does it bother some that they want to hurry up so they can relax. Get out of my way, I am in a hurry to relax!

Just sit down and breath. It is November 29, 2015 and distant from the last entry. I have been writing elsewhere, here, but not on this blog. Here as in this iPad, on pages. I have also decided to stop reading periodicals because they interfer with my writing. I intend to publish and will be sending out copies soon so that I can receive polite or not so polite rejections of my writing until I find an outlet for my musings. Mostly about injustices of the school bus driver and how we are treated and encouraged to engage ourselves in a toxic environment and given lip service about how important our  service is and denegrated when we consider withholding our service. How is it my fault the employers can not attract enough qualified people to do the job that I do? Try the pay is low and the stress is high. If it isn't the children, it is the other drivers on the road.

This job now that I am back to work has consumed my life. This job takes a lot more energy than we are told it will take. Only now for some of us has it sunk in. I have done this job  since 2007 with an extended break from May 2014 to Feb. 2015 from a misunderstanding with my location manager about my actions and how he thought it wise to terminate my employment. Through negotiations and implied threats from government agencies I got my job back with some retroactive pay. I had to sign a return to work agreement and it has some unreasonable requirements that I have been told to violate without the termination promised in the document. It is just part of the most rediculous con traditions of this job. I have been willfully violating my return to work agreement with the express understanding that deviation from route or rerouting is expected of a driver if there are issues with the route. In other words we must drive in a safe manner that most effectively delivers our charges to their designated pick up and drop off locations avoiding traffic stalls and blocked passages. We must not call these deviations/rerouting in but I document them in a notebook just incase I am questioned about them. I will try and make more entries here in the coming year having missed so much time in the last one. Of course, I keep a journal and the essay I am working on takes up  much of my energy that is left over after my job sucks up all of it.