Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I still don't believe.....

I have been watching TV and listening to the radio regularly and don't believe the American business model has really attempted to change its basic premise yet or the way they are advertising.

An auto maker, GM has an ad for a Cadillac Hybrid Escalade and they are touting that the milage is 20mpg around town, better than a Mini Cooper. Well, that could be. Then they start talking about the great red tag sale they are having on a non hybrid Escalade and what? What is the point? Oh, I get it, they are eating it in the market and are going to be saddled with all these gas hog vehicles, unless you take them off their hands at a discount, of course.

Why should anyone buy them at all? Why not hold out for a price break on the hybrid model, tell them that is what is going happen or you are going down the street to buy a Lexus hybrid SUV.

The other one I don't believe is Chevron/Texaco. Or did Chevron finally absorb Texaco so much that they don't have to use their name anymore? I don't care about that. I care about how they still advertise, especially on PBS, which by the way does put up advertisements.

Chevron has this ad that has a grandfatherly sounding guy talking about how we need to pursue our energy goals in all areas. I find it quite annoying this line of ads especially since I've heard other similar ads with the same voice saying how Chevron is exploring all sorts of green energy solutions. I just think these big companies pander to the public through advertising while screwing us in all other ways. Thank goodness I haven't been drinking the Kool-Aide!

Learning curve part two

Well, I just did it deleted the other two blogs that I started in error. I am left with this one.

My low speed learning curve

here is my real first post from the blog I first created the other day and created two after that, not realizing I was creating new pages. I will delete them as I can barely manage one page.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Wow, here I am.....

I have arrived! or as someone I know says, "don't be fooled, you have not arrived". So, my other on line journal is in the tank, much like the economy and I find myself needing a place to spew my thoughts because they get trapped in my brain and cause the utmost confusion for processing other important matters.

Well that's it, Journal Space is gone

The other on line journal I used to keep the server has had a fatal error that could not be recovered from and I now have to decide if this place will satisfy my need to write on line. If what I write here is enough to satisfy my urge to purge my brain of thoughts that clog it up. I just have TMI which is the former name of my old journal there......

Some of it I saved on my computer with the same operating system that js had. Most of it is just dribble anyway so I am not worried. I do my real writing really on my won hard drive and have been putting more effort into getting it right there.

My plan here is to learn to navigate this site, my page here and just put down anything that I feel I need to get out of my head.

Oh, I like that, auto save! So for now, one more cup of coffee, take the dog for a walk and hopefully take care of myself besides what is swirling around in the cesspool of my brain.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pet Peaves

Darn it. It is getting harder and harder to be nice to other drivers, not because I am getting grumpy or something, but when I am nice to them, they are so indecisive! For instance, I was on a main street this afternoon, 5 lanes, 2 on each side and a two way left turn lane in middle.

There is a traffic light ahead that is red my direction, only a few cars, can see a gap. A car is pulling from drive on other side street, indicating left turn. I motion to driver with a wave and driver waits, then backs up, turns wheels to right, turns on right turn signal, so I go. Then driver turns wheels after already proceeding forward right and ends up somewhere behind me. I'm thinking WTF? It is so frustrating to be a courteous driver because if you give them a break, they can't figure out what to do with it.

One thing we seldom do is give a break to anyone not paying attention, ie: cell phone chatting, texting, watching videos in front seat, leaning over back seat scolding children or just talking with them.

In the vehicle I drive for work, I just don't care. I have all the time in the world. If I wait for a pedestrian, there is always someone who is passing me, even if I have my hazard lights on. I tend to like now driving my big commercial vehicle that is 37.5 feet long to my 17 foot mini van.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Of course I struggle with everything, however....

It appears that I have 3 blogs here. I didn't do it on purpose and was wondering where the other page I opened went, now only to discover 3 blog pages. Oh well, onward.

It is raining now in Portland Oregon. Snow this morning adding to what we already had and the temp. is now up to about 38 degrees F. what a difference, bye bye snow. Oh, much of it will stay around for probably up to a week in piles pushed to the side of parking lots and roads, mixed with sand, gravel and the other ingredients found on our roadways.

I'm going to miss it, it was so quiet. Already though people are driving to fast for conditions, people who couldn't get out or were to lazy to put on chains or other traction devices. They are driving with the same old abandon that they have before the snow, talking on their cell phones, coloring their mustaches, primping for that meeting looking everywhere but where they should be looking and gettin surprised by someone stopping for a pedestrian.

Is this the season of giving?

moment by moment.

It is the 24th Dec. I don't have any feelings for the holidays we are supposedly celebrating. I am not getting together with family or friends. I don't feel festive.

Down in near Knoxville Tennessee on Monday least 500 million gallons of toxic coal ash sludge has escaped it's containment pond and flooded a nearby town. A 40 foot dike broke and caused this coal ash slurry to pour into the community and Emory River.

Coal is burned in a power plant and then the ash is put into a slurry and stored in a pond. This area received 5 inches of rain and that is said to be the culprit of the dike giving way to flood the town and the river.

Of course, we don't live there, not our back yard, so it is hard to imagine what it is like to be there.