Thursday, June 18, 2009

Still no pictures uploaded. I'm just to unorganized.

I am really living at a different speed or different speed zone that some others. I just can't seem to align my time with others. I am structured for work, always early and on time but and my own other life. I have a low frustration/patience/tolerance level. For instance, I decided to raise the handle bars on my bicycle. For me that was to much. To much to plan and in my impulsive way just attacked it and discovered it would be to much work. My bike has been down for about a week. I did manage to change the seat, but am now having an issue with my front brake not being lined up right. V-brakes. I should just convert to discs, but money is an issue and I don't got that fast or ride in enough rain to warrant them.

So, why I really came here to write is I am finally aligned with a majority! A majority of Americans believe that the health care issue in The United States of America is the number one issue facing us today. That is 76% of us believe we need to resolve this health care issue. I am elated to finally be in a majority! I have been in one minority or another for the longest of times. Of course, my two room mates are in the minority on this. I'm not sure what they believe in. Room mate A and I met up in the kitchen this afternoon and I said Hi! He said Hi Ho and something else and was aghast that I couldn't remember this as the opening lines for Walt Disney something like the Mousekateers. He started to get agitated, his voice started to increase in volume and I just started laughing because apparently he takes lines and words from TV so seriously, especially just entertainment, fiction etc. He is the one who sits in front of the TV for more than 12 hours a day and talks to the TV, uses obscene language calling the characters on the screen by various names, actually, he inserts himself into the action on the screen and uses some of the exact lines the actors are using, but ad libs and uses X rated adverbs and adjectives. By golly it feels good to be in the majority.

Room mate B, the controller is back to controlled drinking. School is over for 3 months and he has been hitting the beer pretty regularly. I'm thinking that part of his troubles with me while in school are that he was off the sauce and that was a problem for him. Oh, Oh, a bull in a china shop perhaps. We will just have to see. And of course, he is studying to become a nurse, RN, but I wonder if the health care issue is his motivation. He has really not opened up about it. I think there might be more to be revealed about his motivations. He told me the other day that he doesn't do anything that he doesn't want to do. And it's true, he started washing his dishes, but never puts them away. He often leaves his personal items in common areas causing the other room mates to move them or relax around them or what ever. He is more often than not leaving dishes full of liquid in the sink as though that is accpetable practice. The other day, he left dry dishes in the dish drying rack for 2 days. I moved them both days. I refuse to bow down and keep either washing his dishes or putting them away. I just move them to the stove or some other counter space.

I wrote on my peanut butter cap, use your own, because my quart of peanut butter was rapidly dropping faster than I was eating it. I went through a quart in a week, when my minimum time is two maybe more. It is tough living with these 24%er's. One is decidedly a Republican and the one who watches TV nearly all the time is likely a Republican too, even though they watch the Colbert Report and laugh.

Well, back to hanging out the laundry. I am doing my part to keep my carbon foot print down. Oh, not my Republican room mate. He had a fire in the back yard last night while embibing on his cool beverage and did not make sure it was out when he left it. This afternoon it started smoking and I was tempted to pour water on it, but that would set him off no doubt. Likely he was not a boy scout and didn't really learn much about those fire situations down in Southern California when he was growing up.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Heard an Ad on TV

That's right, I wasn't facing the TV, hence it was only upon hearing an ad that I had to question what is Wealth. It was an ad for Smith Varney/Morgan Stanley. They said something to the effect that if you put your wealth with them, it will grow and be secure. Of course I had to go to my Bookmarks Bar and click on my resource for keeping my definitions in order.
this is what said for Wealth. "
1. a great quantity or store of money, valuable possessions, property, or other riches: the wealth of a city.
2. an abundance or profusion of anything; plentiful amount: a wealth of imagery.
3. Economics.
a. all things that have a monetary or exchange value.
b. anything that has utility and is capable of being appropriated or exchanged.
4. rich or valuable contents or produce: the wealth of the soil.
5. the state of being rich; prosperity; affluence: persons of wealth and standing.

Of course I am watching Meet The Press and maybe this NBC program brings the wealthy to the TV on Sunday mornings. It brings me. So, the wealthy, the people in our society who have an abundance of wealth, more than it takes to live day to day and Smith Varney/Morgan Stanley wants to manage it for them, of course for a small pittance. I'm sure that I could live off their pittance, the fee they charge. You see, I just don't have a clue, don't know anything about financial wealth. Most citizens of the world probably share my lack of understanding on financial security.

On another note, I am traveling to the SF Bay Area for my mother's 90th birthday on July 29th of this year. I will be flying down on the 28th and flying back on the 30th. Doesn't leave much time for anything, but it will be enough for my mom. 90 years old, who would have thought?