Saturday, December 19, 2009

Howard Zinn's People's History is being shown on The History Channel

I posted about this on my Face Book page too! I don't think I will ever get to much of many stories. I like stories by story tellers. I like to tell stories too. Howard Zinn's People's History is a perspective that sorely needs to be heard over and over. I saw Howard Zinn in Berkeley several years ago perform his People's History with some famous and not famous personalities. I was inspired by the stories and disappointed upon hearing them that what I learned in school growing up was so much different, so concocted and shaped by those in power who don't want it known that fight isn't over for our Republic. There is still a class fight going on with health care reform, our military rules, War!, and all that those 1% who control the 90% of this countries wealth! We live in a great country, but what has taken place since the Declaration of Independence including the Constitution of the United States is what the land owners of those times and the affluent of our times have sought to keep to themselves, not to share with the rest of us and than means the other 99% of us who work and toil so that a corporation can make make money for it's shareholders and continue to rob from us!

Have I mentioned that I am moving again?

I'm in this house that I moved into with house mates, both of whom no longer live here since they both had issues that did not fit with living with other people. One was either a narcissist and the other a prescription drug addict living under the guise of being sober for 21 years, yet apparently his behavior had not matured along with his anniversary from drinking. He was asked to move and I was left here to find two new house mates. I have found that this house if inadequate for myself and others and it why it is so tough to find someone else to live here. Also, the market of renters is mostly much younger than I and none of them wants to live with an old guy. They want to live with people they might have something in common with. I imagine to much of my time and think that were I 25, I wouldn't want to entertain living with a 60 year old anyone. To much difference.

So I have been looking for place to rent, shares and think I have found a place and person that will work in North Portland. I turned in my application with a $45 non refundable fee and got the results today in the form of a call from the man with which I intend to rent from. It is a rough space, a basement with a room. It is all sealed off and I get to use the basements additional space too. The sleeping room is larger than the one in this house. The only draw back is that it is a basement, not a room with a view. I might be able to position my computer in such a way that I can gave up out the small windows. The rent is $360 a month with a $50 security deposit. Wow, I'm thrilled. I'm feeling the spirits of giving, peace, serenity and love all embracing me. I have been blessed again on my journey for freedom and independence! I have about two weeks off. That started last night after I left the bus yard about 8 pm. I am feeling really good. Hope everyone has Great Experiences this Holiday Season.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I got some good info from my union shop steward and she tells it like it is

One she told me I have to keep my mouth shut so I don't get fired. She's right about that. The company is trying to weed out anyone who might pose a threat to their ability to divide and conquer the drivers and other employees. She also told me the information I compiled citing NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) about safety issues in our yard was so well put together it scared my executive committee member and pushed her away from me. That was my second attempt to get my union, my representatives to file an OSHA complaint against the company. They have yet to do so.

Then tonight I went to the union meeting for the second month in a row. Last month I attempted to submit a motion to look into the safety issues at the company yard, but was told that agenda was being suspended to pass out gift cards to members in a drawing. That kind of pissed me off. So this week, I attend with a written motion because business is conducted with motions. I introduced it under new business and she acted like I had no leg to stand on. I had the motion written up and I had highlighted pages showing what I was bringing in the motion. She said they look into it. Of course, the administrator who was running the meeting told me we couldn't vote on it and I asked if they didn't operate under Roberts Rules and she yes, yet Yet she didn't read the motion nor ask for a second or discussion. I don't get it and the steward that I have had issues with told me to shut up using the F word and told him that was abusive I wasn't talking to him. He has a chip on his shoulder concerning me or he fears me because he doesn't understand me. He is almost totally involved in a recovery program and is one fo those folks who can't seem to accept the fact that I am no longer involved. It isolates me from people who can't think beyond the limitations imposed by the box or are thinking linearly. Then I moved my seat and he pulled that your getting to close crap. We were in a cafeteria opposite sides of the table. He's had his chances, I'm done with him, trouble is I still might need as a shop steward.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

We had a field trip to a couple of malls for the choir of a middle school and...

there were two buses on this pick up drive and return. I was in bus #2 and my pal from the same HTS route was in bus #1. We discussed this trip the day before and neither of us had been to the destination stores and we determined that we would ask the adults on board our buses the best place to drop them off. He had no problem with his adults, they were quite happy to direct him for the safest drop off orientation. I had two adults on my bus and the daughter of the music director who was not on either bus, but in her van since she was apparently incapacitated. One of the adults was sitting in the back and the other about 3 seats back from my position. We were going to Nordstroms in the Lloyd Center and when we were close at Halsey and 7th I asked her where Norstroms is and got a response I did not expect. She told me on previous trips that the drivers talked on the radio and why wasn't I doing that? I told her it was not allowed and she must have doubted my word right there. We weres at a stop sign and she barked out in a loud terse voice "Turn Right Here!" And when I didn't act immediately on her command she once again blasted me with the command "Turn Right Here!" I was startled that this adult whom I had already given cell phone # to in case we could not stay parked at the drop was using an agitated almost hysterical voice command with me who had just only asked for help. She explained that she had been coming to this event for 8 years and she expressed surprise that I didn't know where Nordstroms is. Well, I got my bearings after looking at my map page that I had planned on and made the turn and already figured out we were turning left on Multnomah and again left on 9th Ave. But of course, she couldn't let it rest and again barked to me "Turn left at the Signal!" I responded with I've got it, I see the other bus etc. and she apparently interpreted that as my being curt with her. When we got to the drop point I said very calmly that I thought maybe I would not be able to stay parked there and she told me most authoritatively that I most certainly not be able to. As it turned out I was able to park there leaving my hazard lights on. I then went across the street to chat with the other driver and was telling him of my unruly passenger when my phone rang. It was the book agent for our trip and she asked me what had happened on my bus that a woman had called to complain about my curt attitude and apparently the woman went on and on about what a horrible bus driver I am and that I was lost and didn't know my way around. The booking agent told me to extend the utmost courtesy to this woman because she could be a school board member as though I hadn't already extended the utmost courtesy. It is always such a thrill to hear from a boss when on a trip and is not even half way completed and being told that I am not acting professionally, that they are this woman's word over mine knowing that the complaints to praises ratio at our yard is 314/12. I got a call about 5 minutes from the time the passengers were going to come out as I expected since I'd extended my self above the expected before leaving the school and it was not the woman, but the music director and I was myself, just as I had been with the woman who was offended that I didn't know where the entrance to Nordstroms is. We loaded up and it was if nothing had happened, yet the woman had what seemed like a smug little smile on her face as though she had really been right and she showed me. I am now being very careful and treading carefully with her. When we got to the other destination Jantzen Beach I asked if anyone knew where Burlington Coat Factory was and she said turn left here for the main mall. I did that, saw the #1 bus and all was well, except we couldn't unload the passengers without a phone call from the music director to her daughter. After that they onloaded and bus #1 and I parked in the open part of the parking lot away from the busy sections. I once again went to his bus and when I got there he said ""I overheard a couple of my adults saying "I'm glad we have the good bus driver!"" Well, I told him I guess that adult on my bus had a headache and he suggested maybe she was just pissed off at me because of her husband and her relationship. When it was time to leave the daughter of the music director told me we couldn't leave without a call from her mom. The other bus began pulling away and I said because the other bus was leaving, but she hadn't got a call. I know at that point they were playing a game with me that only they knew the rules of because then they both said at the same time, "oh we just got the wave to go." No phone call and the music director was no where to be seen, she had left first. Bus #1 took a right turn and I followed him and the woman said, where are you going, the exit is straight ahead where that long line of cars is?" I said I was following the other bus, the path of least resistance, like water. I don't know what she thought of that. It turns out on of the adult chaperones on bus #1 is an off duty sheriff deputy and he knows a better way out. It was true, there were hardly any cars and there is an entrance to I 5 South right off the parking lot, no traffic lights. I think even the woman with the headache was surprised into not admitting that she didn't know about that entrance to the highway. Traffic was tough and another driver on the radio commented it was a parking lot right where we were going to be driving through. We managed and we got to our home to school pick up point on time after dropping these folks off. People are unpredictable and obviously bus drivers and others who transport other people are looked down upon by some of the population. Sometimes these down lookers get on our transportation systems and sometimes they are rude and talk down to us like we are their servants and know nothing of our jobs. That is not to say everyone is like that, it is few and far between usually, except I was a little sensitive since I had had a written complaint about a month ago from a teacher that was accompanying her students on another trip. These are the only complaints I've been notified about, so I feel pretty good about my manner and capabilities.