Monday, August 15, 2011

I still haven't found the solution to my blog going to face book notes

I am still baffled by my blog showing up on my Face Book notes. I wanted it to link at some point and now I am thinking I may not. Of course, 6 of 1, 1/2 dz of the other. Why should I care?

On another note my pal Dan had a big cortisone shot in his hip today with the big needle. I have my own little medical episode to report on too.

I have been feeling this discomfort in my chest for about 3 weeks. Actually, I don't know exactly how long its been, but for some time. So the other day I got call from work about my health insurance that is a 10 month policy, but I worked 80 hours in July, so they wanted to know if I wanted to pay my part of the premium, about $35 for Aug. and I did. So back to my little chest pain. I looked on the web at the site to see if I could make an appointment etc. but determined I would just ride my bike the couple of miles or 3 down there and go to urgent care. When a 61 year old guy goes to a hospital and tells them he has been having chest discomfort for about 3 weeks, they busy fast. I have to keep reminding myself I am 61 and putting into a figure 61 helps me to realize I am talking about myself. One word, Gastritis!

That diagnosis came after I got all the tests. And they were quiet surprised when I told them I rode my bike to the hospital. I kept my sense of humor when they tried to find my veins for various needles using the nurse in training. I told when you put it in and if you miss, don't spend to much time hunting around in there or likely to get a black eye from my right hand! I told her I was not serious about the black eye, but serious about hunting. The full fledged nurse had to help out. She had x-ray eyes and found it without withdrawing it. They poked me 3 times with needles and the CT scan, whoa! Had my ECG taken and that was pretty good, but the doctor wanted to make sure and the CT scan was sci-fi all the way. Considering that I watched Blade Runner last night and some other sci-fi last night, well what do you expect?

They gave me about 300 years of radiation, that is 300 years of going out in the sun every day for that period of time is how the doctor described it. That means I've had about 500 years now of radiation along with my regular daily doses. This CT scan was different than the one I had 4 years ago. They put iodine into my veins 4 contrast so they could get a better idea about my heart the arteries. The iodine for all you folks that have not had it is like drinking really hot chocolate. They described it as feeling like wetting you pant, warm urine or something. I just think that description was from some folks who have a limited imagination. So, you drink this really hot chocolate, but it's not to hot. It warmed up my throat, I could feel it in my chest, warm from the inside out. My hands broke into a sweat, warm, like sitting in a hot tub, every part of my body lit up like the 4th of July for about 10 seconds and they did it 2 times. They shot me without it one time for a normal scan. I asked the tech and she said that women have described it kind of like the hot flashes they get at the change of life. So, that was it. Spent about 3.5 hours in the hospital getting poked, prodded and scanned all the while on O2 which really didn't do anything other than keep me a little bit away, not like when I had carbon monoxide poisoning and they gave be big does of 02.

Reading the paper work they gave to me after I left the hospital, I see that I am supposed to be taking Omeprazole and probably could have purchased it at Kaiser but didn't read the paper work until I got home. It is now 10 past 8 pm and I think I need to drive to the store. I don't like riding my bike on main streets or at dusk that much. I need to get some of this and some of that. I think I should get something for dinner. Life, what a long strange trip its been....

Sunday, August 14, 2011

test, test this is a test!

I'm writing this because what I have been writing is showing up on my face book notes. i have nothing linking to face book at blogger or face book. If this publishes to my notes on face book I will still have to find out why and ask someone some pointed questions.

Good Grief Charlie Brown politicians are dancing all around the issues.....

Politicians are trying to please the greatest number of people possible and therefore can not bring themselves to answer questions directly fearing they will drive numbers of people away from their plans on being re-elected. Effectively, Politicians=Liars!

I am like many of my fellow Americans are so tired of the superstar status we seem to place on our politicians, that they are omnipotent in their office, but our government is supposed to be about coming together, letting go of the differences and finding solutions to our common goals. Quite frankly, I am tired of the blaming, the corporations not paying a proportional share representative of the share I pay in taxes. I am tired of hearing of CEO's that are making 300 times the wage of the majority of their employees which when talked about in real figures is like $50,000 per day! This is outrageous! I would be very comfortable making $50,000 a year and there are people making this per day? The greed has surpassed anything reasonable and the business model that these folks keep trying to shove down our throats is completely unrealistic! The question is, "What are we willing to do to make changes?" Apparently, nothing and so it continues.

It is obvious to me that although, many corporations say they can regulate themselves it is obvious they are still under the impression that we believe them. That relatively recent adage that if we tell people something even if it isn't true enough times, eventually they will believe it. Apparently, there is still a large group of Americans that is still offering that line of thinking up and that is the main stream press! The main stream press is a contradiction, a conflict of interest and it is questionable if they can represent the news without bias since they are controlled by corporations!

Again, I just heard a "journalist" say that Obama's administration has racked up the greatest debt this country has ever seen. This debt we are in has been being created for several decades starting with tax rollbacks for the rich and corporations. Remember the term trickle down economics? Well that is part of the problem and different politicians have a certain level of denial about what the issues are for the American People.

There is a large contingent of my fellow Americans who have turned a corner and are working on local. Live locally because the country has got to be to big and corporations have come to be to big, so what do we do? Withhold our consuming of large corporate products that are effectively unregulated by people who don't have the same values as some of us and who tell us they do. Good Grief Charlie Brown!