Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Of course I struggle with everything, however....

It appears that I have 3 blogs here. I didn't do it on purpose and was wondering where the other page I opened went, now only to discover 3 blog pages. Oh well, onward.

It is raining now in Portland Oregon. Snow this morning adding to what we already had and the temp. is now up to about 38 degrees F. what a difference, bye bye snow. Oh, much of it will stay around for probably up to a week in piles pushed to the side of parking lots and roads, mixed with sand, gravel and the other ingredients found on our roadways.

I'm going to miss it, it was so quiet. Already though people are driving to fast for conditions, people who couldn't get out or were to lazy to put on chains or other traction devices. They are driving with the same old abandon that they have before the snow, talking on their cell phones, coloring their mustaches, primping for that meeting looking everywhere but where they should be looking and gettin surprised by someone stopping for a pedestrian.

Is this the season of giving?

moment by moment.

It is the 24th Dec. I don't have any feelings for the holidays we are supposedly celebrating. I am not getting together with family or friends. I don't feel festive.

Down in near Knoxville Tennessee on Monday least 500 million gallons of toxic coal ash sludge has escaped it's containment pond and flooded a nearby town. A 40 foot dike broke and caused this coal ash slurry to pour into the community and Emory River.

Coal is burned in a power plant and then the ash is put into a slurry and stored in a pond. This area received 5 inches of rain and that is said to be the culprit of the dike giving way to flood the town and the river.

Of course, we don't live there, not our back yard, so it is hard to imagine what it is like to be there.