Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rebelliousness is a learned trait!

I was not always a rebel. I had to learn it from someplace, my survival mode. I couldn't accept what society wanted me to be from an early age. What was left was non conforming. Being rebellious is not so comfortable most of the time. I am constantly at war inside myself.

Just as with many of my peers I have been searching my soul for my own happiness. It certainly isn't something that happens from the outside. Happiness is an inside job. I have thrived on a positive outlook even in the most negative of circumstances. The negative side is really powerful and it is a struggle to keep away from it's false promises.

Being a rebel is not a negative experience as society has tried to tell me over and over. Society in the past had no way of integrating my rebellious nature into something that would benefit them I suspect.

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