Monday, June 8, 2009

That Old Adversary is Back, The One Way Dreaded Perfectionist!

My father was a perfectionist. Trouble is, he wanted us to do it perfect, but much of what he did in life fell short of that mark. This is somewhat how I am beginning to feel living in this room mate situation. A couple of guys who claim they are not perfect, yet expect a higher standard from me than they adhere to.

I got home this evening and my room mate, who doesn't do anything except complain about how he can't do anything and watches TV all day and night told me when he came into the kitchen this morning the cabinet door was open and could I please remember to close them? I said I would be mindful of that, however I also pointed out that our other room mate could have left it open. He said he hadn't thought of that until I mentioned it. Then he announced that they washed the dishes in the dishwasher at which time I said, they had already been washed but he said they hadn't come clean. That's when I told him I hadn't used any of the dishes in the dishwasher, that I wash all of my dishes by hand within 24 hours of using them, that I don't use paper towels and that I have my own toilet paper.

This after I spent my Sunday morning dusting and sweeping and mopping and cleaning up in the bathroom too. Neither of my room mates did anything this weekend contributing to the house as far as I could see, oh one of them emptied the garbage can in the bathroom, something I don't use either although I have emptied it in the recent past. These two guys are opportunists I am afraid, just waiting for me to do whatever they don't do which is much of everything. The last several weeks I have emptied the kitchen garbage before going to work on Mondays which is the day garbage is picked up, but not this morning and low and behold, it is still not emptied this evening. I am not approaching either of them. All that happens is an argument and I am not into that level of negativity. If they have so little to do, but bitch at me then so be it.

So, I had to tell my room mate the student that I expected to be getting up around 2:00 am and I would be mindful of keeping quite, but if he heard noises, it was me, don't be alarmed. That never happened, as soon as I opened my mouth, he interrupted me and started going off about our previous conversation about the refrigerator and how I should be closing it to not disturb him. Switching to his subject, I told him I got his message that morning, now about my schedule. He interrupted again about his topic and I started shouting because I wasn't being heard. Finally, that not working as it never does, I tried to retreat to my room only to have him outside my door continuing to blather on about the closing of the refrigerator. I opened the door and told him enough, but he kept it up and I slammed the door in his face offering some nasty verbs describing what he could do with his line of thinking, I couldn't afford the time spent on an argument. That didn't work and we spent the next hour calming back down and seemingly becoming good friends. I believe this guy is playing me. He has a higher command of a situation as far as the speaking side of it goes. I am not convinced that we achieved the intended goals of my warning him in a manner that fit two adults. Oh and the other room mate was yelling from his room for us to shut up. At the time, I yelled back that sitting in front of his TV yelling from his room to shut up was ineffectual.

I am up now and found some time to finish this post which I started yesterday. This place sucks and that old adversary the perfectionist, well I will still attempt to find ways around him. A disturbing thought having to go through my childhood again at 59 years old.

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