Saturday, February 6, 2010

Great place to eat food!

I got up early this Sat. morning for a field trip. I like to sleep in until about 0600 on Saturday mornings, but it was 0430 again. Drove to NE and picked up my bus, drover Lincoln HS, then to Cleveland HS, then to Clackamas HS and dropped off the very sleepy wrestlers for a regional bout with 14 other High School. I'm waiting for a call to return to Clackamas. The scheduled pickup time was 2030 this evening, but they said more 1400. They are supposed to call me an hour before so I can stop what I am doing, head to the bus yard, get bus and head to Sunnyside Rd down 205. Oh boy, short weekend.

It's not raining and I am just doing things around the cave, the one I moved into the first of the year, that is below ground level. I got my air purifier from FEDEX. Said signature required on the instructions and since I didn't see it anywhere checked on it's delivery. Delivered it said. After checking with a couple of neighbors I happened to notice it over by the garbage cans in plain sight. Oh, boy FedEx!

It is on and good for 500 sq. ft and it is working. It has a timer and several cleaning mechanisms. It has a pre filter which is just crappy foam, a charcoal filter, a reusable Hepa filter, a photo catalyst filter and a UV light to kill anything else. I've had it on now about an hour and the air is so different. I had been loaned a small 85 sq ft unit from friends and it worked reasonably well, but it is over worked. The one I purchased is really good and I had to squeeze Ben out of my bank account to get. Well worth it.

On a final note that is actually what I started to write about is The Little Red Bike Cafe that my sister and I ate at on Monday the 1st of Feb. I have been back I think twice. I am incredibly impressed by the quality of the food. It is probably the most delightful out dining I can recollect ever experiencing.I guess I better back that up with something. I don't dine out much because I can't read the labels and most of the food that is good or excellent I can't afford, to pricey. The menu at the LRBC is pretty well fixed with posted specials on the board. The breakfast sandwich I had this morning zoobomb was a combo of some kind of Italian bread I am to lazy to look up and can't pronounce with these caramelized onions, egg, an aoli sauce, some white cheese that when cooking or heated the aroma comes drifting out of the kitchen stirring ones imagination to the culinary delights that are coming after it and making my mouth water just writing about them. Just like love, the food at the LRBC is just to precious and delicious to write about, there are not enough words in my vocabulary that are attainable. Well, that's the best. The best for last except of course my spelling is in the tank. Just to distracted thinking about trying to rationalize going then again before the weekend is over.

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