Sunday, March 20, 2011

More rants from a disenfranchised citizen!

I've considered several options today and ended up nixing them all and coming back to this blog, which I have not posted one item in ages.

The events of the last decade have stimulated many including yours truly to spew forth venomous verbiage about one topic or another. Several events have now pushed me into once again posting something that is social, political and economic.

Our country, the USA and now much of the world is driven by the quest for more wealth. I am aware of what this is doing to the world and my own security and peace of mind. Think Globally, act locally! It is never more apparent to me than now, how much of a snow job corporations want us to believe in the magic bubble of lies that they spew constantly to purchase their products, give them tax breaks, invest in them, and let them get away with murder, because it was just an accident! Well folks, we need to take away some of the entitlements corporations have won over the last 120 years and bring them back to accountability and responsibility.

Corporations have once again enslaved us even though we are more educated than in the past when we all were living in the feudal system. The people with money don't want fairness, they don't want to separate themselves from their hard earned cash and they don't want to die penniless which is exactly how they are going to die, because none of us can take it with us!

The rich continue to get richer which is part of their plan. Part of their plan is to enslave those whose jobs can not be out sourced and make a percentage point or ten about the previous year n profits. We have lost the balance were once on the way to achieving with the power of democratic unions, but those have been declining ever since the 1970's. Since the unions have declined in membership, they have less money to spend on political campaigns forcing the Democrats too to look to big business for campaign financing. Why don't we get rid of all that and go to a tax based campaign finance system? We don't have the money to influence or politicians like corporations do, that's why. First we lost the steel mills because the corporations could have steel made cheaper somewhere else and there went some good high paying jobs. Then the auto workers under attack because corporations don't want to pay and they are continually looking for a way to minimize their costs and increase their profits. The coal mining corporations can't outsource their work so they have to do things like have low safety standards and kill off some of their workers every once in a while. Of course, anyone might say they are not killed intentionally, yet if the mine operators were as concerned when mining was going well as they say when an "accident" happens, the chances of accidents would be much less. Coal accounts for something like 50% of our energy production. Nuclear accounts for about 20% which leaves hydro-electric, solar, wind and geo-thermal to fill the rest.

Our country, THE USA is behind in pursuing anything but coal and nuclear production because the up front costs are more than they are will to put out by themselves and the available government money is not as much as they want to use. The corporations are all the while avoiding paying taxes, yet looking for ways to get tax money for their projects. Every time these corporations look for the easier to them way, it costs us. Let me repeat that. Every time corporations look for the easier to them way of minimizing their costs and increasing their profits. They do this by whittling away at workers wages and by paying lobbiests to persuade congress people to vote in their favor lowering their taxes, making laws against workers and generally telling the public that they are working in favor of them such as the Greening of America while defacing the planet, stripping away the regulations that are supposed to be their to protect us and for what, GREED ! It is plain and simple, Many corporations have become so large that they just don't care about the people and they don't even have to pretend that they do. Well, running out of steam for this. I hope someone reads it and it causes them to think a moment at a time. Drip, Drip, Drip.


  1. Well said! So many of these points seem so obvious to me, it is mind-boggling that everyone else doesn't see it. Of course, they have the noise/news media to distract them & point the finger back at us...

  2. Reading it...and with you! As I wrote on someone else's blog, the corporate mucky mucks are foaming at the mouth over events of the past year or so, which are so one-sided in their favor that it reads like a bad Sci-Fi move. 'Ceptin' ain't a movie folks.