Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mourning the passing of my cat Jerky

Not much to write here. Lots of thoughts, missing my cat. Lot's of death in the last 1 1/2 years as my sister MFC pointed out when we spoke today.

Going to pal around with a friend and Shut up and Eat! SE Gladstone and SE Cesar Chavez. 

Got to go, go, go! Am

PM Took a hot tub at a place I was checking out 7 years ago, before I even moved here. Thing is, never went there for one reason or another. Sometimes it takes an event that is devastating to our emotions to make a course correction. I have been making some minor course corrections.  Putting Jerky down, caused an intense pain and although I was expecting it, the momentary suddenness of the event yesterday took me off guard. Here and not here, my little fluffy ball of full is now a cold lifeless body. Something we are become eventually. Our spirit goes out when our life ends. I am surprised her spirit hasn't come to visit. We were together for 10 years. I never punished her, she had me under her paws. I was slave to her, willingly, sometimes I wished I wasn't, but knowing that day would come eventually and then loving her. Loved her.

Part of the discussion I had with the vet was I wouldn't do this to my mom, felt my own mortality, wouldn't want anyone to put a needle in me and take my live. We are survivors, fighters as was Jerky. Jerky was a survivor. She had survived whatever it was that she lived in before she moved to CA. She survived the woman who gave her up, who was to young to have developed feelings for her cat that I found for her cat. She survived her ailing health. She was beginning to suffer and I couldn't let her suffer her failing body, her failing bodily functions. I couldn't let her and so gave my permission for the vet to inject her with first the powerful sedative, which I think actually slowed her down so much, that just a drop of the other powerful drug, stopped her heart. I was holding her when she stopped breathing. I new even before the vet listened for her heart. I knew and still know the pain of losing her. That pain is probably compounded by my guilt for taking Busters life, by my own mothers death in April. My own mortality and what is my purpose? What have I accomplished? It doesn't seem like much now. Will it seem like much later, not likely. I won't be being so hard on myself. I won't be as grief stricken as I feel now. I wouldn't dare write this on Face Book, I am not so secure in feeling about writing it here, but wtf. I really don't care. I haven't seen my work associated with anything. It is just writing.

it is what I have been doing to sort out my feelings when I get really down. Down. Tomorrow I will straighten up and take care of getting rid of some of Jerky's other things. I already took her food and water bowls out. Next her cat little boxes and the big red carpet that kept her from totally ruining the wood floor in this small space. I have another carpet that is smaller I will install.

And then Monday, back to work. Back to the job that wants us to believe everything is as it was before we left for TG break. Not the same. We'll see how it goes. We are going to have some weather this winter, I think it will snow a bunch, even in the valley. It will certainly snow up in the West Hills. I did last year, the year before and the year before that. It snows up there even when it doesn't snow down here. That is enough for this. I published time originally was 11:45 am about 24 hours after I took my sick cat to the vet. Took me 24 hours to write something about my feelings more than the shallow entry  put on FaceBook, to let my friends know. 

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  1. Jeffrey, so sorry to hear about Jerky. You gave her a good life, and I hope you can feel good about that even as you miss her.