Thursday, February 26, 2009

I am such a child at heart

Having my dog is helping to keep my inner child alive.

It is my understanding that a dog only gets to be the mental age of a 5 year old child. In that case, I continue to treat him with love and like a little kid. I invent words and use invented words repetitively since I am really quite prone this type of behaivor around my dog and cat too. I have a voice that is part child, part adult, part cartoon character.

I suspect if anyone heard me talking to my dog, well they might think lots of things. I don't care. I am a survivor of a lot of bad behaviors, mine and others and have not got to my old age of 59 going on 60 by letting others thoughts condemn me. People are allowed to have their opinions. Buster's and my time is short for the planet. Although, I will likely survive him, it will not be easy at first. I treat him like my small child simply because he is one to me and there is no reason to make him behave like a human. He is a dog and therefore behaves like a dog, but he loves me and I love him back. It makes me sad right now to know that his time is limited, that he will one day pass from this existance and that just brings my own mortality into focus.

I love my dog and cat but I think I love my dog more because he is almost always with me, my constant companion. He keeps me from taking the rest of the world to seriously.

On another note. Two small school buses from our yard had a collision today. Both going up a hill, the one in front stopped, the one behind for some reason didn't stop. It is totaled. The one is front is damaged, but will be repaired. I didn't hear about the passengers. Pictures will be coming soon, maybe as soon as tomorrow.

There was a beautiful sunset this evening. Right behind it was a small crescent moon and then some bright planet. I would have loved to get a photo, but was working still.

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