Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Reliability Factor

I am somewhat disappointed with my housing search. I suspect I expect others to be as reliable as myself. I mean I just called a person who contacted me about their room for rent to change my appointment, from this morning to this afternoon.

I spoke with her on Thursday. when I called a few minutes ago, she told me the rooms had been rented and she said she was sorry that she should have called me.

We develop habits. It is a practiced habit to keep in touch with people, although in my case I struggle with keeping in touch with those I left in California, I still do it.

I guess I just have higher standards about my word and am running into the lower standard people.

Even the place out in Scappose I called emailed the person to say I decided not to pursue living there and the one I saw at the beginning of the week, told that one right there I was not interested. She wanted to know why and struggled with accepting my statement of just some feelings.

I am sensitive and have been listening to my feelings as opposed to some of the other inputs we all get and I have been having good results with my interpretation of the those feelings.

I continue to believe that I will find a place to move to with my pets or if not, I will adapt. I will what I can to make this happen, within reason of course.

I've got some pictures coming and some errands to run. I will be back!

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  1. Good on you for trusting your judgement - it's easy to lose touch with how we feel about things so hang in there. You'll find what you're looking for.