Thursday, February 5, 2009

This is to wierd

I just made my morning coffee and opened the fridg and the half and half is not there. It is not anywhere in my apartment, I've looked. I just purchased it day before yesterday and used it for maybe 4 cups of coffee and put it back in the fridg yesterday. I even looked in the recycle and the carton before that is there, but no trace of the most recent one.

I am completely baffled. The only thing that is different is the maintenance guy was here. I can't imagine that he went to my refrigerator and took my half and half.

But what happened to it? I didn't finish it and it is no where to be found. It is circumstances like this that make me think I am slipping off the edge of reality.

besides that, my coffee doesn't have the same taste with whole milk. Maybe it is a signal from the posers that be I need to not add half and half to my coffee.


  1. It'll probably turn up in some obscure place like in the microwave or in the cupboard where the pots are kept - that's where my disappeared stuff seems to always hide anyway.

  2. Have you questioned Jerky about this?

    An angel food cake once disappeared from our kitchen. I'm sure science -- or Rod Serling --has an explanation, but it did make us question our sanity.