Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm full of ideas, some good, some bad...

Hey we need a stimulus package for the country. Why don't we get into the coffee business? We could seek out all those organic fair trade coffee cooperatives and purchase bulk coffee from them and then roast it and sell it and make lots of money. We could put people in this country to work, constracting buildings to roast the coffee in, people to work producing coffee roasters, we could put people to work fixing the highways to the roasters, people to work driving trucks bringing the beans, people to work packaging the coffee. It would be win win deal.

I've been getting pretty thread bare lately and my coffee consumption has changed. I am now brewing a pot and cooking a real breakfast/brunch/lunch after my first shift at work. I will likely drink another cup of coffee this morning. I went to trader joes and purchased 1/2 & 1/2 and thought the price was cheap. It was, I didn't discover until I got home, opened the container and realized it was not the usual organic.

I also purchased Tofu to go along with my potatoes and whatever else. Yeah, have you ever noticed that all good meat dishes have some kind of vegetable as a compliment? Well, I don't have the meat, just all the compliments, or at least those that I can afford. I'm going to have a great meal, mmm. Got to get back to it.

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