Monday, March 30, 2009

Have I become a silent lamb for the Obama Administration? No, I'm just moving and

And that has been consuming lots of my time.

In or on the Huffinginton Post this morning it is reported that Geithner stated on Meet The Press"The investors money is at risk. They can lose all their money." and his explanation goes on as explaining why we must save the investors money as opposed to saving the middle classes investments because it is complicated. Jack Krugman is not taking this lightly. He is butting heads publicly with Geithner. It is a good thing we have Jack Krugman putting up against these out of touch politicians that are or have been Wall Street cronies or even the CEO's of large in the tank financial institutions. This whole thing sucks and we have to save the Warren Buffet's of the world, so that they don't feel the same pain as everyone else. I'm not against Warren Buffet, his name was just at the tip of my tongue and I used him.