Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I've been here two months now and .....

Of course, he has had it with me it seems. I have two roommates, the dominate one and the submissive one. The dominate one wants us to say respond to his interactions with us other two in a certain way. He wants us to say, OK, thanks for pointing that out, I will do better next time.

When I moved in the dominate one interviewed me on the phone. For me that was a mistake, I should have also been interviewing him and in person. The submissive one interviewed me in person and they both agreed I could move in. The submissive one is not necessarily a sub, but he sure can't stand up to the Dom. I am slow and each time confronted by the dom, usually repeat myself and that is the end, because he retreats to his room and closes the door, end of conversation.

Did I write about when I first moved in and suggested a monthly meeting to bring out our issues and he the Dom quickly put that to rest by saying he had that situation before with room mates and they just wanted to take control. End of conversation this topic. I started to get quite perturbed today at the thought of him. I had to remember a couple of things I've learned about people. One, they don't have power over me unless I let them have it. He says it is my fault he wakes up in the morning because I am making noises. We had an argument about that and the fact that I left some drops of urine on the toilet bowl. This was at 5 am. The other room mate got up to use the bathroom and walked into it somewhat confused. I don't perform well off the cuff and that's when I repeated myself. I cleaned up the toilet only to be told I shouldn't have, which is crap. He is incredibly controlling. However, not a master manipulator otherwise he would be able to sleep or stay asleep.

He blames me, said the other guy who moved out didn't wake him up when he got up, but left out the part that he was not attending school full time taking nursing at the time. Well, I think maybe that might have some affect on him.

He also is getting a bunch of free food and dominating the refrigerator, doesn't wash his dishes in a timely manner, digs out big chuncks of dandilions from the lawn and leaves bare spots, mows the lawn and doesn't sweep the walkway leaving clumps of cuttings. I do the sweeping out of disgust. He comes home from school earlier than I do from work and by the time I get home, he is in his room and the feeling I get is he is to important to be disturbed.

Well, if he starts another conversation or wants to point something out in the morning, I'm determined to tell him it will have to wait. I am getting ready for work and don't have time to get into one of these little hissy fits with him.

I am a lot calmer about it, used the tools that I learned about praying for my enemies. I don't want to spend my precious free time writing here about this guy. I did mention some of his behaviors to a friend of mine and he said Republican! I know there are some Republicans out there that might be offended, but he is not you nor you him. It was just a simple way to describe him that put some humor into my uncomfortable situation.

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  1. That's not sounding like a lot of fun. Bummer!