Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I keep promising pictures but am just to unorganized to post them yet.......

I am so unorganized. Part of that has to do with not done moving if that can be real. I have some items that I have been carting around now for years, still in storage and am looking for places to put them. I just placed an ad at craigs for some items, a Mr. Heater and an electric impact gun with impact sockets. Some fellow offered me $15 cash right now, call me. Of course, he didn't tell me which item he was willing to part with the $15 for and I didn't consider that a serious offer so off to the trash.

I got another inquiry about Mr. Heater asking me if I still have it, to which I replied with my phone Number and the affirmative. That inquiry was sent from an iPhone, so I think, what do I think, I'm amused is how I feel.

I actually plan on a yard sale maybe first week of June, when tis pesky liquid sunshine stops falling out of the sky. I could have one now, but likely more people will come if it is sunny out.

I have created a small memorial in my bus with pictures of my departed dog and actually wrote a small sign that says "In Memory Of Buster" and attached it to the big picture I have had of him in bus for the last year or so. I'm not over putting him down and am getting all kinds of advice on getting another dog etc. I just keep telling those folks that I am sitting with how I feel for now. I am just coming out of a big batch of sadness. I know there are many more feelings associated with the grieving process. Anything I do, needs tempering with time. I process at different speed.

Speaking of that, I am reading a book by Thom Hartman about ADD. He has a lot to say and some of it rings true and I have a lot to say about it to.

I am also taking an on line defensive driving course and must get there now, to make some progress on it, first lunch though.

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