Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh boy and girl, I finally found some patience....

this year can be different. i finally found some patience and am now cruising at jeffrey speed, which is much slower than i have expected from my standpoint for to long. i call it jeffrey speed, because my mind is in constant race and i am attempting to adapt to my feelings and not my expectations or anyone else's expectations. almost 60 years and how many ways can we spell words anyway and still get the meaning? it has been said that if we get the first and last letter right, that even if the in between letters are out of the normal order or correct spelling our brains will still see the correct word. where am i? i know, back to the middle of my thought. i found the patience possibly with this winters break from school bus driving. schools out dec. 18 2009 and restarts jan. 4 2010. i am going to work today to start buses so that we can find the ones that don't start and the drivers won't have that issue to contend with. let's see if i can now load a picture of something since that has been my issue all along lately. this is the house i moved out of that i lived in for 8 months. it must have been a stepping stone for the one i am living in now, which is not as sunny do to the seasonal change. that's not the new house, that is the old house front yard in the snow we had right after christmas. i'll find it with my new found patience. picture with van old house in snow evening. i'll find that new house photo if not now later. i have come through now with my promise of pictures. as you can see the speed of jeffrey gets in the way for no apparent reason. how hard was that to click on the photo icon on my post page? it was hard because i overlook some of the most obvious details with my mind racing. happy new year everybody! you will probably get that salutation from me for at least a month, possibly all year!

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  1. Happy New Year, happy new house (the old place does look awfully small!). I hope you feel at home there for the foreseeable future.