Friday, June 3, 2011

the company I work for pretty well sucks.....

Every time our buses go out, the propane ones there is a huge sucking sound. Since propane is like having a V-6 running on 3 cylinders they suck a lot and give us little power to get out of our own way.

I finally broke down and applied for Tri-Met, but think that maybe they aren't biting my application. Maybe I have to know someone which is often the case when applying to some jobs. I just know that I need to work more, earn more. I am so tired of working part time and being hungry for work and having to deal with harassment from other workers who don't have a procedure, from the bosses down. You don't know about a procedure until you violate it because they don't want to be held accountable for having said anything. Some of the issues I have are "oh, we haven't paid for that in the past" My answer, page 32 or 34 of employee handbook that says "any work you perform that benefits the company shall be compensated" I printed the page and every time I do work that they don't pay for attach it to my pay sheet. And there is a system they use for electronic pre trips that is shaving time off of our sign on times. We have to pick up our pay and trip sheets and keys and this disputed and sign an attendence sheet and they give us 5 minutes to get to our buses and wand on there, but if you get there 6 minutes late, then you are late 6 minutes, even though you have already started working. This. job is taking and they want to take more. Our next contract negotiation is scheduled for June 13th. And of course the company wants to only pay us 1% for the first year and 0.05% the second year. That's down from 3% We have no leverage, since we have a no strike clause and our union officers are signing contract extentions without asking us what we want. Oh well, same union at Tri-Met and the union officers made these operators essential services back in maybe 2005 taking away their ability to go out on strike. Our Mar/Apr transit magazine reports on Toronto Government stripping transit operators in Canada of their right to strike calling it a set back to labor. Hello! drip, drip drip.

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