Friday, June 3, 2011

I know that face book is not the place to post my rants

I am disgusted with our society! Here we are living our lives, complaining about our lives or not and 1% of our population is off in countries chosen by our politicians fighting wars they are never going to win. Of course, the credo in that is we can't not fight or our fellows that have died will have died in vain. WAR! What is it good for? The wars we have been engaged in have plenty to do with our economy! They have to do with profits and companies such as Boeing Aerospace Corporation and making money for their share holders. This sucks! Boeing is not the only company that profits from a war economy. Many of the aerospace companies, the oil companies, and many more, to many to list are making money from WAR! Isn't it time we stood up and said no more. Sunny weather is here and there is nothing stopping us from massing in the streets and saying NO MORE WAR, fuckers!

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