Tuesday, August 9, 2011

When I was a young curious lad in North Los Altos, CA

When I was a young lad with my friends, we got into the basement of a house that was vacant at the end of a street that was a dead end. I remember Bay trees there. We got into the basement and it was stacked with magazines and newspapers and there were little pathways between them. It was dark, but we had lights and I found a Life Magazine from either 1921 or I recollect 1926 and in it were pictures that were taken of Lincoln's exhumation in 1901. I remember seeing a picture in that Life Magazine of Abraham Lincoln with coins on his eyes in his coffin. Now, I am looking on the web and I have found nothing to substantiate my memory of that day, that magazine. I am going to continue looking more, but it could be that someone made a decision to suppress that picture at some point along the way. I would have grabbed the magazine, but I did have a sense of right and wrong at the time. Of course, I think that month's later I found out they destroyed the house completely loosing all of those magazines to the land fill. They are probably decomposing under the Shoreline Amphitheater complex in Mt. View, CA.


  1. Not sure about the actual photo, but I think this might be the edition of the magazine you found.

  2. What was it that brought this memory of yours to surface?

    (Now all I can think about is, who was on the penny before Lincoln? I think I can remember seeing Indian head pennies when I was a kid...definitely remember ones with the wheat sheaves instead of the Lincoln Memorial on the reverse, though!)

  3. I just attempted to post a comment to mal, but it is not appearing for me

    2 intelliwench. What indeed? Because my thinking is random it is almost impossible for me to recollect what the trigger thought could have been. The closest I have figured out about my thinking is I have had alzhimers all my life. And if that is the case, than as I age and my thinking becomes what?