Saturday, February 11, 2012

Johnny Cash singing "Your Own Personal Jesus" a cover on his album American IV.

I am being pulled along like a cork in the ocean, bobbing up and down on and in a current. I am only slightly able to make course changes.

Feelings were stronger yesterday, much stronger. I am often confused still by my feelings, so I just feel them and eventually time takes away the strength and allows me to find some perspective. It's a heck of ride and sometimes I wish I had more input into the direction I am traveling. All that I feel begs the age old question, what, who why, where?

The best I can get is to keep putting that other foot in front of the other, walking through the time that is much like that big bowl of gelatin. It is probably lime gelatin because when lime is added to anything, it brings out extraordinary flavors. People and lime, brings out more than the ordinary.

I'm attempting to head out to a friends to consult with him on a plumbing issue and perhaps put a wrench to some part of his plumbing system. I just got a message on my phone and I must go now. Now!

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