Saturday, January 17, 2009

Feast or the alternatives.....

I know I am inconsistent. I have opened this blog and get to it when I can, but am not bending over backwards in my "schedule" to get here to write. I have been working a lot this week. I'm not sure exactly how much, except it is likely over 40 hours. At my school bus driving job, I have not turned down work and that reputation is solidifying with my dispatchers. They seem amazed by my attitude. I think possibly they might have thought I was in semi-retirement, but of course, I am not!

Since Sept. 2008 when school started we have not had any additional trips and the whine around the dispatch office by others has been, when are you going to give me some field trips, where are they? Imagine a bunch of older 50 year older plus children all singing the same tune? And they call our passengers children! Another newer driver and I came to the conclusion that these senior drivers complain about the most trivial slights.

The other day I came back to work after my break in the morning and there were 3 parking spaces in our whole yard. The company was having the monthly safety meetings and even drivers from other yards come. So I parked my van in the spot that was closet to my bus and went out for the afternoon run and when I got back there was a note on my windshield. You have parked your van to close to my car. Next time find another space that parking space. I don't want door marks on my shiny car. I was shocked. A supposedly professional driver in lot full of professional drivers is worried that I don't have respect for their property and would bang my car door into their car. Of course, I immediately wrote a searing 4 page note back and stuck it along with my name and route number into their cubby hole in dispatch. Later, coming back from fueling buses after about an hour and a half, after calming down I decided to not leave the note. I went back to dispatch and I had placed it in the wrong cubby. I took it out and just put that persons note into the right cubby with no attachments.

There is no reason for me to buy into their petty little world.

I am having the day off, Saturday and will be working once again, Sunday, shuttle bus for the dog show, dogs allowed to ride the bus. Not the normal position of the rules.

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  1. The note response is a little like email...think twice before hitting that button.