Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Looked at RV yesterday....

Went down the road to Gervais Oregon and looked at 1970 Blue Bird Wander Lodge. It was rough and attractive all at once. I took only one picture which I will post later.

1970 Wander Lodge with rear engine. Prototype with rear engine and airbag springs. 9 of type made, engine came gas, converted to diesel shortly after purchase.

I crawled over and under it for about 30 minutes. Of course I have no funds to purchase it, but would not have if I did have them. Condition was just to rough. The wiring had been worked over and it was done badly. That was enough to put a stop to it. There was more. It was ready for a complete overhaul.

I am now not sure what I am thinking, since I have no means to purchase something like this anyway and unless I win the lottery, which I have little money to play with, I guess I will just keep on continuing to slowly sink below the surface of the pool until I can no longer float.

It is floating and I have never been so poor except when I was living on the street and even then I could see more chances at survival than I seem to see now.

There is one factore though that I am encouraged by and that is we have new President Barack Hussein Obama. That overshadows all the above I have written. The sun is shining on us Now!


  1. Those things are somewhat like a boat (2 of which I have owned)...just dig a large hole in your backyard and toss money in...you'd be better off.

    Obama---classy, classy, classy. My 11 yr old daughter and I watched the entire event today. I agreed man.

  2. At least the new guy has some sense of the reality most of us live with. That is cause for hope.

    Happy days, jclouds!