Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sometimes I just get over loaded and have little room for anything that is not ...

that is not either structured or I have done it many times. I had a bad morning in my bus made the decision not to chain up when other buses were. I have these drop down chains that work most of the time, but today they retracted when I turned something else on everything went haywire, my horn was honking, the anti theft system and my lights were flashing, cars were stopping in front of me, behind me, people were running up to my bus asking if they could help me and that wasn't so bad, but I had to explain what was happening to each and everyone of them.

and it was snowing and icy and cars were crashing. It was all to much. The mechanic came and assisted me putting my chains on, which I am completely capable of doing myself, except I was overloaded and the 4 kids I had on board were really asking me non stop questions and at one point I just told them to shut up. Later I apologized and one of them said, oh it's ok, people tell us to shut up all the time. that's as much as I can write about it. I have to walk my dog and go back to work. I did get my bus back to the garage, but their system for repairing our buses is not very efficient. I'll be surprised if I get my bus back today or if they dealt with all the issues I am having with it, since well. We have a book where we go over our systems before operating our buses and if there are any problems we are supposed to write them down. I was told they would be reviewed and addressed. Now there are 200 buses and there must be a huge back log, because non of my issues the very ones that occurred today have been repaired. I'm just FRUSTRATED working for so little and having more responsibility than should expected.


  1. What a day! Better luck tomorrow.

  2. The chains were bad karma. Better karma tomorrow.