Monday, May 4, 2009

Have I written about my new living situation yet? No, well let me tell you

Aside from the fact that Buster got to live here ony about one month, a place with only two steps into the front or back doors, something that I was promised when first moving to Oregon, but lied to by my former landlord.

I need to go back a little since I haven't been writing. I moved out of the place over ner SE 35th and SE Powell in Portland to a place near SE Foster and SE 101st. I moved in with two other room mates and another dog. Buster and she got along real well and Jerky the cat told the other dog just who she is too.

The former land lord's property manager sent me a bill on top of my deposit for an additional $45 and that is with no mention of my $1050.00 deposit. I wrote them a letter back reminding them that the Oregon Tenant Landlord laws state an accounting is due showing how the deposit money was spent. Two weeks later I got my accounting and a check for $860.00 which with simple math says $190.00 missing. They detailed what that was including that $45 they tried to charge me for additionally. They said paid in full. This I felt was satisfactory. What really bothers me though is they are preying on the unsuspecting or possibly others who didn't clean the shit out of the their place by sending a bill of $$'s due. That's lying through omission as far as I can tell, down right deception. And that is to say that the Great American Capitalistic experiment is failing! It is failing because big companies and large corporations are cheating the rest of us, making us pay double. It's crap and a new revolution is called for. Of course, a non violent one, but a revolution indeed! We are going to have to revolt against all that is done in the name of corporate America like repeal the ruling that corporations are people too! That's crap, because it gives them money and similar rights that we as human beings have been fighting for centuries. It is strong language and we need to let them know them know we aren't going to take it any more. I think Obama is pretty good, but he is just another politician. And you know what I think about politicians. let em refresh your memory! Politicians= Liars. Not just some, but all of them. How could they be honest, they promise us anything to get into office, promises they can't possibly keep, which makes them liars!

I had a run in with my union rep on two occasions while she was driving through the yard to park her bus. She went by my position at about 20-25 mph, the yard speed limit being 5mph and most people safely driving 10mph. She swore when I confronted her tice that she was doing no more then ten, then proceeded to side step my statement by telling me other people don't obey the limits. I said, when you hit a bus,. the truth will come out and if you are not going ten, that will come out too. I saw
her today, going ten mph and there was a marked difference. Another driver fueler had a word with her and she listened to him. I follow his lead and drive between 5 and 10 mph while taking buses to the fueling station. I'm glad she is paying attention to her speed now!

So, my living situation is to strange, so strange that I can't write about it now, since I have to go to bed. More later, perhaps tomorrow. "You say you want a revolution, well we all want to change the world".

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