Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My fellow tenants, Hello?

Tenant B the dominator, master manipulator of people I suspect. He and I have the same kind of bread now. He wasn't eating it before, it was another brand, now my bread is in his cupboard and down quite a way and the only one left was his bread which I am now eating. Difference is he pays full price, $4.19 a loaf and it is likely fresher. I don't care, I put mine in the freezer and I get 3 loaves for $5 or $4.50 if it is Wed. or Sunday at the overflow bread store. He now puts his bread in the freezer but wasn't paying attention to what he took out, or was it me? I suspect he likes to share food. He doesn't want to have a house meeting because he doesn't like them; his past experiences are bad he says, someone always tries to take control at the meetings. This fellow worries that I want to take charge, but that is not what I am thinking. I am thinking we can air out our differences. He says I can air my differences to him personally, but when I tried that, he shut me out by walking away and closing his door.

I am learning not to care or feel that I am being trampled here. I am planning on staying here about a year, until I can whittle away at my overage of personal items and then find another room for less in a more stable household.

The other guy is room mate A whose sister owns the house. she installed a projection TV that dominates the living room and is adjacent to the front door when one walks in to the house. It is big, 5 feet across and 2.5 feet deep with about a 65 inch screen that RM A plants himself in front of watching TV progrmas that he has seen about 5 or 6 times, making lewd and abusive comments to the characters on the screen. Sometimes he makes abusive comments to our neighbors like he did to the movers who had parked in front of our house yesterday. He claims that he started out nicely, but that's not what I heard. What I heard was abusive language from the start and it got worse from there. when I went out to go to work, the guy that had been the recipient of the abuse, started in on me.

Later, when I came home from work I mentioned that I took a load from the guy next door and my room mate said that guy was like that to him too! Oh surprise! I think the numbers of meds he takes bends his outlook somewhat. he has been "sober" in AA now for 20 years, but the only requirement for AA is the desire to not drink. They frown on anyone who talks about any other concerns. A lot of AA'ers do nt' ever see the need to deal with other issues, not all, but some. I have run into one of those here.

Oh and Room mate B appears to have a co-dependent relationship with room mate A. I've noticed some instances where they both say things like, "oh, he has a lot on his plate, that is understandable". I told one of them, "hell, everyone has a lot on their plate! WE are not given anything we can't handle" that is a saying around AA. Anyway, I've got to do dishes. It looks like I am back for a while. well see. Pictures coming soon

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  1. Hang in there, sounds like you'll be able to find a way to cope over the next few months.