Saturday, December 19, 2009

Have I mentioned that I am moving again?

I'm in this house that I moved into with house mates, both of whom no longer live here since they both had issues that did not fit with living with other people. One was either a narcissist and the other a prescription drug addict living under the guise of being sober for 21 years, yet apparently his behavior had not matured along with his anniversary from drinking. He was asked to move and I was left here to find two new house mates. I have found that this house if inadequate for myself and others and it why it is so tough to find someone else to live here. Also, the market of renters is mostly much younger than I and none of them wants to live with an old guy. They want to live with people they might have something in common with. I imagine to much of my time and think that were I 25, I wouldn't want to entertain living with a 60 year old anyone. To much difference.

So I have been looking for place to rent, shares and think I have found a place and person that will work in North Portland. I turned in my application with a $45 non refundable fee and got the results today in the form of a call from the man with which I intend to rent from. It is a rough space, a basement with a room. It is all sealed off and I get to use the basements additional space too. The sleeping room is larger than the one in this house. The only draw back is that it is a basement, not a room with a view. I might be able to position my computer in such a way that I can gave up out the small windows. The rent is $360 a month with a $50 security deposit. Wow, I'm thrilled. I'm feeling the spirits of giving, peace, serenity and love all embracing me. I have been blessed again on my journey for freedom and independence! I have about two weeks off. That started last night after I left the bus yard about 8 pm. I am feeling really good. Hope everyone has Great Experiences this Holiday Season.

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