Thursday, December 17, 2009

I got some good info from my union shop steward and she tells it like it is

One she told me I have to keep my mouth shut so I don't get fired. She's right about that. The company is trying to weed out anyone who might pose a threat to their ability to divide and conquer the drivers and other employees. She also told me the information I compiled citing NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) about safety issues in our yard was so well put together it scared my executive committee member and pushed her away from me. That was my second attempt to get my union, my representatives to file an OSHA complaint against the company. They have yet to do so.

Then tonight I went to the union meeting for the second month in a row. Last month I attempted to submit a motion to look into the safety issues at the company yard, but was told that agenda was being suspended to pass out gift cards to members in a drawing. That kind of pissed me off. So this week, I attend with a written motion because business is conducted with motions. I introduced it under new business and she acted like I had no leg to stand on. I had the motion written up and I had highlighted pages showing what I was bringing in the motion. She said they look into it. Of course, the administrator who was running the meeting told me we couldn't vote on it and I asked if they didn't operate under Roberts Rules and she yes, yet Yet she didn't read the motion nor ask for a second or discussion. I don't get it and the steward that I have had issues with told me to shut up using the F word and told him that was abusive I wasn't talking to him. He has a chip on his shoulder concerning me or he fears me because he doesn't understand me. He is almost totally involved in a recovery program and is one fo those folks who can't seem to accept the fact that I am no longer involved. It isolates me from people who can't think beyond the limitations imposed by the box or are thinking linearly. Then I moved my seat and he pulled that your getting to close crap. We were in a cafeteria opposite sides of the table. He's had his chances, I'm done with him, trouble is I still might need as a shop steward.

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