Sunday, December 6, 2009

I was considering my swollen lower extremities and

the thought occurred to me I wonder is heart damage is reversible? I went to ask. com and heart attacks are not reversible and below that I found this:
Damaged heart
Shop for Damaged heart, Compare Prices Find more Damaged heart you'll love.

I think it is odd to suggest that someone is shopping for a damaged heart. I guess that there are so many bots out there without hearts that it is impossible for them to imagine that we are not interested in a damaged heart to purchase! Of course, maybe that is just my damaged brain and the way I look at the world?


  1. Wasn't sure quite what I'd find here after that title...or do I just have a filthy mind?

  2. Maybe if you shop for a heart that's already damaged, it will have developed a callous to protect it from future hurts?

    (Lou does have a filthy mind. hehehe)