Monday, December 7, 2009

This is about the season of caring and giving and living to tell about it.

I had a somewhat spiritual experience. To better convey a way to describe the experience I will allow that it was as if an angel or the spirits of the season stepped into my body and took over my actions and cleansed my spirit, my brain and my body. It is not like in the past where my mom or others have told me to keep this to myself. This is a connection I have been given, an awareness I have been listening for. It is huge gift to me so that I can pass if forward. It is not something that I should keep quiet about. More people need to hear that much is possible that we are all connected, that great works can be accomplished with small actions by many. It is hard to describe except to tell you the results of this experience. I have a new mantra, "for the greater good". My brain has been cleansed of prejudice and malice. I feel no ill will towards anyone. I am not thinking of others as "oh they should this or that or coulda'a, would'a, should'a. I've even lost the thought or the prejudice when people take actions that are not well thought out. I include myself in the description of noot having malice towards anyone. The remnants of self loathing seem to have been lifted. When walking from the van where we parked down the street to the market the homeless people were hanging out at the corner of the sidewalk and the entrance to the market parking area. It was cold and a woman was bundled up shivering. This is when I feel the angel enter my spirit. Usually, when coming from the market we give anyone asking or looking as though they are going to ask some money. Today was different. Just then after the angel had touched me I exclaimed to my friend that I was going into the store, right to the deli section and getting two containers of soup. Now, I am not someone who has extra funds, but that thought didn't even occur to me. I went straight to the deli section, asked the person there what were the two soups and choose the chicken/spinach as the right choice to purchase and take to these people outside. I told him what I was doing and told me that made him feel good and he pointed out the bread and crackers and told me where I could pay and get utensils. I had the money, which is some what of a miracle to me, because I've not had money often in the past several years. I have a new sense of value for my meager purchasing power. I immediately took the soup to the woman and asked her if she didn't have a friend and she said he was in the store. She thanked me and opened the soup right away and started spooning it into her mouth. I walked away feeling that my heart was enriched, that I am finally connected in a solid way to the rest of humanity. I feel more hope and faith that everything happens for a reason. I don't know if the spirits are gone or if they remain. I have a new mantra "for the greater good" and much of who believe I am and what my purpose in life is, is being fulfilled. I have more balanced understanding of my place in the universe. I need to keep moving forward. I am sharing this in the hope that others pass some of what they have along to others whomever they meet, without prejudice. It's 10:00 on Monday and have to finish my dishes, get off the computer and drink another cup of coffee and practice my mantra because by doing so I further my connection to that purpose I have been listening for.

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  1. That's awesome you're feeling at one with the world - what better time of year to find inner peace. I too will concentrate my own efforts in this area, you've inspired me.