Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shopping with my friend and former neighbor today

We first went to the People's Co-op for the usual bulk items etc. and for me to remedy the error I contributed to on the first. I bought some coffee and used a recycled bag that had several code numbers penned onto it. I put a line through several and wrote the right code. As I was checking out I had an item that was $13.77 and although it sent up a flag, I said nothing, but did ask for a receipt. They ask if you want one, otherwise the paper is saved. I discovered my error a couple of days later. Apparently, I missed the coding on the other side of the bag for Sassafras which is $25.99 an ounce. Wow! I got it straightened out today, a whopping $9.00 credit which made my bill today $7.50. I love the People's Co-op. Here is their link!

It is one of my most valued places to visit in Portland. There is more spirit in a store of this nature. Everyone that shops or works their contributes in their own way, adding to the flourishing existence of that popular store.

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  1. When I lived in Baltimore there was a great Co-op in my neighborhood -- nothing like that around here, unfortunately.