Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Everyone of us wants our life to mean something

I have had to evaluate and re-evaluate the meaning of my life and never really have been able to find much value, at least in todays or societies standards.

I don't own a home along with the bank, I have no children. I knew at 12 that I didn't want to bring any into this world from my own experiences.

Yet, my life has value.

I still have bunch of things that only have value to me, nuts and bolds, some tools, some photographs a computer program full of unfinished writings.

I have two old pets, the cat for as long as I've owned her has never had any shots. The dog is due soon.

The DSL modem I purchased from the phone company for $65 is now worth about $10-$15. I saw some on Craig's list.

The CD's I've purchased over the years are worth from $1-$2 each at the music store and I have some albums that are worth very little.

My bank is disturbed that I haven't contacted them after they notified me of my over drawn account status, sending me threatening emails even though I had a conversation with them on the phone last month about my finances.

I am looking for a new living situation. I can't afford my rent and have found something 45 minutes from Portland that might work. The rent is cheaper and it includes all utilities. I'm going to check in out on Sat. after I get paid and the bank rips me off again for over draft fees. One of the fees, $33 is for a $0.99 overdraft!

They treat me like I haven't been regularly depositing money into my account. They treat me like they have never had problems, good old Washington Mutual! There problems were so bad, the government came in and put them up for purchase by another bank. They are all the same.

I'm going to close my account soon which is going to be difficult because I opened it in California and kept it there when I moved hoping it would reflect better instead of opening a new account up here. If they don't close my account, I"m going to be in trouble again with them and I don't have the money to sue them to close my account, Catch 22. It is a bad situation getting worse.

Oh, yeah, credit union is what I hope to open an account with.

Part of the reason to close my account is I have an automatic payment with Sallie Mae, who I can't make unautomatic. They won't let me, tried a couple years ago. I'm etting the feeling that they are not only robbing me of my money, but they are robbing me of my free will to decide who I can pay when.

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  1. My goodness your bank difficult - those OD fees are completely off the planet.