Saturday, February 21, 2009

Up in Scappoose Oregon

Snow in Scappoose from Dec. 2008

I went to Scappoose today to look at the room for rent. Here is part of the back yard and the frozen white snow/ice combo still laying about since the first snow fall back in Dec. 2008.

The creek goes by on the right and straight ahead. She said it floods on occasion and then she referred to it as a river.

This is the house where the room is located, on the bottom to the left of the door. It only has one window which I only show part of. The rest of the basment is shop on the right and a ping pong table further back in.

House in Scappoose

I'm considering this situation seriously since the whole rent including the utilities is $600 a month. It is 45 minutes from Portland and 35 miles on state non divided highway. She says about 80 of the residents commute to Portland, but not at the time I would be driving.

The Highway

Looking toward Portland on Highway 30


  1. It looks like it's backs on to wilderness with the big trees - cool!

    Sounds like a great deal as long as there's no sign of damp in the room due to it having only one window.

    You call the road a 'non-divided' highway sounding slightly disparaging. I guess it's all what your used to as that picture shows a bigger wider road that our State Highway 1 which is the main route right through New Zealand 8-)

  2. Sounds like an adventure. I reckon your ready for an adventure....

  3. It sounds like a nice, peaceful setting. So long as the longer commute doesn't end up costing more, seems worth considering!