Sunday, April 19, 2009

Enter into the embryonic warmth of the bath or....

How I replenish my youthful spirit!

yes that's right, I can renew my youthful spirit just by taking a bath and it works. No, cremes or lotions or potions that I have to spend big bucks on!

Of course, this is not an option for those who live in apartments with 1/2 a bath or only a shower. Those folks if they want to renew this way will have to seek out other baths that they can just sit in and feel the warmth of embryonic bliss!

While doing this today, I was reading the latest issue of Mother Jones Magazine which gives me another view and interpretation of our financial system. MJM tells me that although us United States citizens should own the likes of Citibank and others from the amounts of money given to them, we don't, because Henry Paulson didn't want the government to nationalize the banks because that sounds to much like socialism, a bad word to North Americans of the US ilk or so they say, those clever CEO's who have robbed and raped the US financial system beyond the idea of bankruptcy! Read Mother Jones for a comprehensive view of how United States financial system works. Read the Editors note at the beginning and it will wet your pallet for more.

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