Tuesday, April 21, 2009

went to Mt. Hood neighborhood today!

and this time I got a little tour of the elevation. I picked up kids at Alameda Elementary and took them to the Kiwanas Camp up on the shoulder of Mt. Hood. This time though, we got there and reloaded the bus this time with 65 children and adults and drove further up the shoulder of Mt. Hood to I think 4,000 feet. Probably a 6% or a little better grade because the bus then was only going 25mph in a 55 mph zone. Of course as per safety and the law I had my hazard lights on and we climbed. Lots of torque in the motor, just no hp. So we get to this place and it is just a pull out and park. We hike up this path, and come to a spot on the mountain that the settlers who came to Oregon via the Oregon Trail had to drag their wagons up and down. And they did, to avoid the Platt River which is nearby. I took some photos, but there is only so much I can do in one day. I was driving at 0600 until 0835 on my route and then to Alameda and then to Mt. Hood. I got back just in time to take Buster home. He was sitting in the car, but the temp was expected to climb past the high 70's today. I got back after about an hour of break, fueled my bus again and went to pick up kids, got done with that at 1715 and took a short break and fueled other buses for about an hour. It's money, but not that much. Money is my sole reason for working as much as I do. I am good at this kind of work and do it well and it is fun, but the bottom line is like anyone else's bottom line, the pay check!

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