Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm back and Lou is right, monetize is only for people who have many, many readers over a thousand I beleieve.

Yep, my take on the monetize your blog is you must have a huge following to make it worth while. I imagine there are those people who imagine they have a large following yet when it comes down to it only have a lard following, a few slovenly folks who or never mind.

Today is the day I report to work for the Zoo Shuttle. The Portland Zoo is having their annual Zoo Lights display. Of course, shuttling people to and from the overflow parking areas does not give me an advantage point with which to see all the illuminations. I will be lucky if I have a working FM radio in my bus to allow my mind to stay focused while weaving in and out of the traffic jams that happen when people think they can find parking in the full lot by the zoo, only having to turn around and drive to the overflow lot, line up and snarl traffic so that the shuttle buses even have to wait to pick up and drop off passengers. That is an irony of driving the shuttle bus at to and from the over flow parking at Portland Zoo. There is no shuttle bus only lane which makes it darned inconvienentfor everyone. That should be a consideration. The Zoo needs to purchase land and build a parking lot that has an access road just for the shuttle buses so that they become an effective tool. Of course, I am diametrically opposed to individual motorized transportation, yet have to rely on it myself as the most cost/time effective method of getting from here to there. I wish it weren't so.

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  1. Glad you will remain a commercial-free zone! I hated when, after I dropped pro access, JournalSpace would put ads on my blog that were for stuff I would never in a millions years endorse.

    The zoo lights sound nice ... we have the nearby Bristol Speedway in Lights, but I've managed to avoid going there all these years.